Last Minute Cargo Ship Voyage From La Spezia To Australia (A 10% reduction is offered on this voyage only)

MSC GenevaWe can now offer on short notice a voyage in the MSC Geneva, departing La Spezia on or about April 20 for Australia via Mauritius. Ports of call include La Spezia, Naples, Gioia Tauro via Pointe des Galets and Port Louis to Sydney (34 days from La Spezia), Melbourne (36 days), Adelaide (40 days) and Fremantle (45 days). Part voyages are also possible.

The MSC Geneva is equipped with an Owners Cabin of 340 sq ft and two Double cabins, one of 340 and one of 270 sq ft in area, all with en suite facilities. Each contains a separate dayroom and bedroom, with fares of €90 to €95 per person per day double or €105 to €110 per day single. A special last-minute reduction of 10% is available on this sailing only. Port charges and deviation insurance are extra and a valid yellow fever vaccination is required for this voyage.

For further details or to book please contact Miri Lopusna at The Cruise People Ltd in London on 020 7723 2450 or e-mail

Cruise Examiner Special – Slow Boat To China: Travel By Cargo Ship – Cruise Shipping Miami News To Follow Next Week

THE CRUISE EXAMINER at by Kevin Griffin

The Cruise Examiner for 17th March 2014..

Freighter Map

The subject of travel by cargo ship has received a good deal of coverage in the world press this quarter. In late December, The Financial Times dedicated most of a page to a feature called “A Freight Adventure.” In late January, the Wall Street Journal (above) did the same with a story entitled “Travel the World on Cargo Cruises.” And last month’s issue of The New Yorker carried a six-page essay on a voyage in a Rickmers Line multi-purpose cargo ship. So this week we bring you an update on that market

Most of us know Slow Boat to China as part of the title of a popular 1948 song, but recent world events have made a revival of this expression quite appropriate. A decade ago, for example, a round trip from Le Havre to half a dozen ports in China and back on CMA CGM’s French Asia Line took 56 days (with 8 ships in a weekly service). Today, due to “slow steaming” in an effort to cut high fuel expenses, the same voyage takes 77 days (11 ships in the same weekly loop). On the same route, a one-way voyage from Southampton to Shanghai that used to take 25 days now takes 45. The situation is similar for Hong Kong.

CMACGMChopinatseaThese longer voyage times are mainly the result of higher fuel costs, as the amount of fuel consumed (and the cost) rises exponentially as speed is increased. It has been estimated, for example, that by reducing speed from 25 knots to 20 knots a container ship carrying 8,000 twenty-foot-equivalent containers from Europe to the Far East can save 2,550 tonnes of fuel, or about $1,785,000 on a single voyage. The other benefit of slow steaming is substantially reduced emissions.

There are now about 300 passenger-carrying cargo ships trading on world routes, ranging from small short-sea vessels to the world’s largest container ships. These vessels are limited to a maximum of twelve passengers each (above which a doctor has to be carried) and many have been built in recent years. Passengers dine with the officers, are allowed to visit the bridge and on French and Italian ships table wine is complimentary with lunch and dinner, while other lines sell wine and beer at genuinely duty free prices.

cma-cgm-marco-polo2Although some think that there are fewer cargo ships carrying passengers today than in the past this is not true. There has actually been a renaissance in cargo ship travel. Admittedly, many lines have dropped out of this trade over the past fifteen years, in particular companies such as Bank Line, Blue Star Line, CP Ships, Fyffes, Geest, Hanseatic Shipping, Egon Oldendorff and P&O Nedlloyd. But many of these more traditional lines only operated between one and four ships each, while today the chief players operate fleets of dozens of large new container ships.

CMA CGM, for example, operates 75 passenger-carrying cargo ships. After adding the privatised CGM (the French Line) to his own privately-owned CMA to form CMA CGM in 1996, chairman Jacques Saadé decided that new container ships should be built with passenger accommodation, most often four or five cabins for 10 or 12 passengers. This was his way of commemorating the heritage of legendary French liners such as the Ile de France, Normandie and France. In fact, CMA CGM’s passenger section got its start in the Public Relations department. The line carried 662 passengers on its container ships in 2012.

While the Transatlantic services of the Cunard Line and the Queen Mary 2 are well known, very few know that CMA CGM still operates its own historic trans-Atlantic service, one that dates back to 1862, year-round every week of the year. This is the French West Indies Line, whose four ships each carry 12 passengers on a 28-day round voyage that begins in Le Havre and takes in Martinique and Guadeloupe.  One-way voyages are also available.

cma-cgm-manetWhile cabins are usually available on the French West Indies Line, CMA CGM’s popular Panama Direct Service from Tilbury to Australia and New Zealand is fully booked eighteen months in advance. A full round voyage take 84 days but one-way bookings can also be made. An interesting route for North Americans is CMA CGM’s Columbus Loop service, which connects New York with Seattle and Vancouver via the Suez Canal and the Far East. New York to Seattle is 60 days while Seattle to New York is 52 days and crossing North America by rail will complete a world circuit.

Hanjin Amsterdam © VesseltrackerGermany’s Niederelbe Schiffahrtsgesellschaft Buxtehude (NSB) started carrying passengers in a different way. As its newly-built container ships were financed by individual investors, accommodation was set aside for the use of these shareholders. After some time, however, NSB found that the shareholders were not making use of the cabins so it put them on sale to the general public, and now operates about 40 passenger-carrying container ships. One of its more interesting routes is the Hanjin Lines service between Italy, the Far East and California, a full round voyage of 91 days. La Spezia to Long Beach is 42 days and includes calls in Singapore, Vietnam, Hong Kong and two ports in China, while Oakland to Naples is 44 days with calls in Pusan, three ports in China, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Grande Costa d'AvorioGrimaldi Lines of Naples once operated passenger liners in the trans-Atlantic trades and retired its last cruise ship, the 11,879-ton Ausonia, in 1996. Today it provides passenger accommodation in about 35 cargo ships. All of these carry the maximum of twelve passengers allowed on a cargo ship, but as they are combination container, vehicle and roll on-roll off carriers of a different design, Grimaldi is the only cargo ship operator offering inside cabins. While other lines have maximum age limits of either 75 or 79, Grimaldi will accept passengers up to 85. Its most popular services are from Tilbury to South America (a 51-day round voyage) and from Southampton around the Mediterranean and Scandinavia (a 35-day round voyage).

LubieThe Polish Steamship Company, which operates into the Great Lakes, has a fleet of 11 ships that carry passengers. Carrying steel from Europe and loading grain out of the Great Lakes, these offer the last opportunity to travel on a bulk carrier. As the destinations for the outbound grain cargoes are not known until the last minute, it is almost like an old-fashioned tramp voyage. The cargo could be bound for anywhere in Europe or possibly even North Africa and the destination is not known until just a few days before sailing.

RickmersAntwerpThe Rickmers Line, meanwhile, operates nine multi-purpose heavy lift project ships in a round-the-world service. These ships carry project and general cargo and heavy lifts as well as containers, and tend to spend more time in port than pure container ships. Each is fitted to carry up to seven passengers. Passengers join ship in Singapore and sail to Vietnam, Shanghai, Dalian, Xingang, Qingdao, Masan in South Korea, Kobe and Yokohama, cross the Pacific and transit the Panama Canal. They then call at Houston, New Orleans and Philadelphia before crossing the Atlantic to Antwerp, Hamburg and Genoa. Depending on the cargo, calls can also be made in Indonesia, Thailand or Taiwan. Passengers wishing to sail all the way round the world need to connect by container ship from either Europe or North America and then change ship in Singapore.

As well as long-haul cargo ships, two island supply routes, one each in the Atlantic and Pacific, carry passengers.  Unlike pure cargo ships, these ships carry doctors, which makes them convenient for passengers above the age limits who are still fit. One ship will soon be retiring while the other is due to be replaced by a larger vessel.

St HelenaThe British-flag RMS St Helena trades from Cape Town to the islands of St Helena and Ascension about every three weeks, carrying a maximum of 156 passengers. As well as supplying the islands, she carries workers between St Helena and Ascension. An airport is due to open in St Helena in February 2016, however, after which sea travel will no longer be a necessity. As the St Helena is approaching twenty-five years of age and will be retired when the airport opens, now is the time to make this voyage before it is too late.

Aranui 5The French-flag Aranui 3, on the other hand, carries about 200 passengers and is due to be replaced. Sailing every three weeks from Papeete,Tahiti, to the Marquesas and Tuamotu Islands, the Aranui 3 operated at 90% of capacity in 2011, carrying 2,200 passengers. Her replacement, Aranui 5, now being built in China, is due to enter service in June 2015. Aranui 5 will carry 296 passengers, of whom 228 will be cruise passengers. Many of the cabins will have balconies and there will be 62 deluxe cabins on Aranui 5 as compared to just 24 on the Aranui 3.

As only thousands cruise in cargo ships compared to the millions that travel on cruise ships, just a few specialist agencies book them. Typical fares are in the region of €100 (about £87 or $145) per person per day and a further good source of information is The Internet Guide To Freighter Travel at

For further details please call Miri Lopusna at The Cruise People Ltd in London on 020 7723 2450 or e-mail

FOR FURTHER DETAILS                                                                               (See previous columns)

Early Great Lakes Season Opening – Last Minute Cabins Available on m.v. Isolda Departing Amsterdam/IJmuiden on/about March 13

isoldaSailing on or about March 12 from Amsterdam’s port of IJmuiden, the Polish Steamship Company’s Isolda will open the 2014 Great Lakes passenger season about two weeks earlier than last year. The Isolda has available single and twin-berth passenger cabins and can be booked to the Great Lakes ports of Cleveland or Burns Harbor, near Chicago. Full US visa required for this voyage. The fare is $1,640 per person to Cleveland or $1,880 to Burns Harbor, plus port charges of $132 in each case.

Enquiries please to Miri Lopusna at The Cruise People Ltd in London.

South Pacific Cargo Ship Voyage: Aranui 5′s Maiden Voyage To The Marquesas and Tuamotu Islands Is Set for 6th June 2015

Aranui 5Compagnie Polynésienne de Transport Maritime (CPTM), who operate the South Pacific island supply ship Aranui 3 from Papéeté to the Marquesas and Tuamotu Islands, have announced that their new Aranui 5 (see image above) will make her maiden voyage from Papéeté on June 6, 2015. The Aranui 5, which is beiong built in China, will replace the present ship and will have additional capacity as well as more facilities for passengers. Details will follow later but below is a detailed outline of the usual itinerary. For further details please call Miri Lopusna at the Cruise People Ltd in London or e-mail

    Day 1: Departure from Papeete dock at 10:30 am

Day 2: Fakarava is the largest atoll in the Tuamotu. There is snorkeling and scuba diving for people of all levels. You can swim and snorkel in the translucent lagoon to watch the colourful ballet of tropical lagoon fish. The entire morning will be spent on shore. Lunch will be served on board while we set sail for the Marquesas.
Day 3: You can relax with a book on one of the sun decks, swim in the small pool or enjoy the immense South Pacific. Balmy evenings mean reading in lounge/library or chatting with an authority on Marquesan culture or archaeology. You’ll probably spend many evenings socializing on the upstairs deck/bar with your fellow adventurers from around the world. The spirited Polynesian crew treat you like welcomed guests and proudly introduce you to their rich culture. Almost every night, they sing and strum hypnotic Polynesian rhythms on their ukuleles and will teach you to move your hips to hypnotic beat of the tamure.
Day 4: We sail into Taiohae’s spectacular bay, a giant volcanic amphitheater dominated by towering cliffs streaked with waterfalls. As the Aranui unloads, you can explore Taiohae, the tiny Administrative capital of the Marquesas. Taiohae Bay is where a 23-year-old sailor , He man Melville and a buddy jumped a whaling ship in 1842. We follow their escape route by jeep along steep, winding dirt mountain roads to the village of Hatiheu to visit an archeological site. We’ll have lunch at Yvonne’s Restaurant, one of the best restaurants in the Marquesas, where the specialty is pig baked in an underground oven. You’ll meet the owner-chef, Yvonne, who also happens to be the town’s energetic mayor. After lunch, we will travel to the valley of Taipivai. The area is dotted with stone tiki gods and sacred ritual sites (me’ae) and immense stone platforms (paepae) where the Taipi built their houses. Enigmatic petroglyphs of birds, sacred turtles and fish are carved on huge boulders. The Aranui’s whaleboats will sail down the river to return you to the Aranui, which is anchored in the bay.
Day 5: From the deck, you’ll see the soaring mountain spires of Ua Pou. Whenever the Aranui stops, villages greet it. As the muscular crew unloads supplies – from cements to sugar – and loads sacks of copra (dried coconut meat), you’ll explore the tiny town of Hakahau with its church with a hand-carved wooden dais. You can meet some talented woodcarvers and hike up a hill for a breathtaking view of the distant cloud-covered mountains. At Rosalie’s Restaurant, you’ll taste your first Marquesan lunch: breadfruit, a marquesan staple, along with curried goat, barbecued rock lobster, poisson cru (raw fish marinated in lime juice and soaked in coconut milk ), taro and sweet red bananas.
Day 6: We have plenty of time to explore Atuona, the second largest village in Marquesas. This is where Paul Gauguin lived and did some of his best work. You can visit the colonial store where Gauguin shopped and go into a replica of the Impressionist’s infamous “House of Pleasure.” As you walk up the hill to the cemetery, you’ll have sweeping views of the harbor. Beneath a huge frangipani tree is a tombstone with the simple words: Paul Gauguin 1903. Nearby is the grave of another famous European who also was seduced by Hiva Oa: Belgian singer-composer Jacques Brel, who died in 1978. You’ll also enjoy another lavish Marquesan lunch at Hoa Nui Restaurant.
Day 7: This is the most lush and remote island of the Marquesan. It’s also a center of Marquesan crafts. As our guides lead you through the village of Omoa, you’ll see women hammering mulberry, banyan or breadfruit bark on logs. They dry it and then paint ancient Marquesan designs on their famous tapa cloth. Fatu Hiva is also well-known for its hand-painted pareus (sarongs) and monoi, a perfumed coconut oil scented with tiare blossoms and sandalwood. Skilled woodcarvers will invite you into their home/studios.
Day 8: We’ll travel by foot or by jeep to the most important archeological sites for tikis (ancient, human-like religious sculptures) other than Easter Island. Our trained guides will show you these mysterious jungle ruins of Puamau and tell the stories of these haunting statues of an ancient civilization. Bring plenty of film.
Day 9: On this leaf-shaped island, the air is thick with fragrant scent of tiare, frangipani and history. In the tiny village of Vaitahu, Spanish explorers landed in 1595 and opened fire on a crowd of the curious islanders, killing about 200. When the first missionaries came in 1797, the generous local chief left his wife with missionary John Harris, with instruction that he treat her as his own wife. Harris fled the next day. Tahuata also is the site of the first French settlement in the Marquesas in 1842. The huge church built by the Vatican, is decorated with beautiful Marquesan carvings. We’ll picnic in the Valley of Hapatoni and swim and snorkel at a nearby beach.
Day 10: We’ll visit a museum with exquisite replicas of Marquesan art. Some Aranui passengers will explore the island by four-wheel drive; others will ride the Marquesan horses. For three hours, we will explore the mountain landscape with heart-stopping views of the Pacific. The wild horses (brought from Chile in 1856) thrive here, outnumbering the islands 476 residents. We’ll have a Marquesan lunch at local restaurant and have plenty of time to visit studios of woodcarvers. We’ll visit the arboretum and the garden of fruits and flower. Back on the Aranui, it’s Polynesian night with dancing and buffet dinner on the decks.
Day 11: The Aranui will dock in Nuku Hiva at Taiohae in the morning. You may take the Le Truck back to the town center and spend free time there. At noon, the ship will sail to Ua Pou, returning to our first stop in the Marquesas, Hakahau. This is your last chance to buy Marquesan crafts.
Day 12: At sea.
Day 13: On lovely Rangiroa, the largest atoll in the world, we’ll picnic on coral beach. Aranui passengers can swim and snorkel in a translucent lagoon. Excellent snorkeling and scuba diving are available for people of all levels. “Rangi” is an underwater jewel box with stunning colors of corals and clouds of tropical fishes. You’ll have the opportunity to purchase black pearls from local black pearl.
Day 14: Arrival back in Pepeete about 9:30 am.For further details please call Miri Lopusna at the Cruise People Ltd in London or e-mail

Trio of US East Coast-Australia-New Zealand Ships Relaunch Cargo-Passenger Service – Three More Ships To Follow

Spirit of Sydney © Roberto Smera

The container ship Spirit of Sydney (ex-Bahia Negra) carries three passengers in an Owners cabin and a single cabin.

With the renaming of the Spirit of Melbourne (ex-Bahia Grande), Spirit of Sydney (ex-Bahia Negra) and Spirit of Auckland (ex-Bahia), the cargo-passenger service from Philadelphia and Charleston to Auckland, Sydney, Melbourne, and on to Port Chalmers, Napier and Tauranga sees a relaunch and bookings are once again being taken. Three more ships are likely to follow in the Spirit of Shanghai (ex-Bahia Castillo), Spirit of Singapore (ex-Bahia Blanca) and Spirit of Hamburg (ex-Bahia Laura).

These ships offer one Owners Cabin and one more cabin, either single or double depending on the ship. The quickest southbound transit time is 25 days from Charleston to Auckland or 28 days Charleston to Sydney and the quickest northbound is 26 days from Auckland to Philadelphia or 36 days Melbourne to Philadelphia. The full 70-day round trip starts at €7,085 (about £6,075 or US $10,125) per person and one-way bookings are also possible.

For further details and bookings please call Miri Lopusna at The Cruise People Ltd in London on +44 (0)20 7723 2450 or e-mail

New Australia One-Way Cargo-Passenger Routings – From Mauritius To Australia – And From Australia To Singapore

MSC Geneva
Our most popular routes remain those to and from Australia and it has been very difficult to obtain space of recent – in fact, two ships serving the Australia/Asia routes have left the trade recently and we have had to make refunds.
There is however another combination of routes that some may want to consider, from Mauritius to four ports in Australia (South Africans or South African visitors may want to consider this route) and from Australian ports to Singapore (for readily available sea connections to Europe). Part of a longer route to and from Europe, the sectors that can be booked are:
Port Louis/Sydney (17 nights)
Port Louis/Melbourne (20 nights)
Port Louis/Adelaide (24 nights)
Port Louis/Fremantle (29 nights)
Sydney/Singapore (21 nights)
Melbourne/Singapore (18 nights)
Adelaide/Singapore (14 nights)
Fremantle/Singapore (9 nights)
Fares start at €89/95 per person per day and port charges and deviation insurance are extra. The present line-up of sailings accepting passengers from Port Louis to Australian ports is as follows:
m.v. Commodore (2 passengers) – March 1, 2014
m.v. MSC Uganda (8 passengers) – April 12, 2014
m.v. MSC Geneva (6 passengers) – May 10, 2014
m.v. MSC Curitiba (8 passengers) – May 17, 2014
For further details and bookings please call Miri Lopusna at The Cruise People Ltd in London on +44 (0)20 7723 2450 or e-mail

New Cargo-Passenger Service To The Amazon By The Buxharmony

Buxharmony © lappinoFor the first time in many years, we are able to offer a cargo ship service for passengers wanting to visit the Amazon, as well as other parts of East Coast South America and the Caribbean.

Buxharmony routeEvery 63 days, NSB’s Buxharmony (seen above) sails from Rio de Janeiro to Manaus by way of Salvador da Bahia, Port of Spain (its is also possible to join in Trinidad), Cartagena Punta Manzanillo, Panama, and Kingston, Jamaica, to Manaus. After the ship leaves Manaus she  calls at Suape, Vitoria, Santos, Zarate, Buens Aires, Monteviedo, Rio Grande, Itajai, Paranagua and Santos before returning to Rio de Janeiro.

The full nine-week voyage can be made for €5,985 plus €330 in dues and taxes, for a total of €6,315 (about £5,465 or US $8,965) per person. The Buxharmony carries up to five (5) passengers in one Owners, one Double and one Single cabins and port-to-port voyages are also possible.

For further details please call Miri lopusna at The Cruise People Ltd in London on 020 7723 2450 or e-mail

Grimaldi Lines Offers 20% Special World Cup Fare Reduction Between Europe And Brazil From March 1 Until September 30, 2014

For the BRAZILIAN LOOP only, all bookings taken between January 27 and September 1 for cargo-passenger ship departures to or from Brazil between March 1 and September 30, 2014, will qualify for a 20% reduction on the usual fares. Sailings are offered between Tilbury, Hamburg and Antwerp and Rio de Janeiro, Santos and Paranagua, and the reduction applies in either direction. Each ship can carry a maximum of 12 passengers.

Grimaldi Lines shipsFares in Euros – Brazilian Loop Only *

 2014 World Cup Special


including port taxes and full board

One-Way Southbound or Northbound


Fare code


BI2 / DI2 2 berth / 2 beds, fare per person


(About £1,030)
BI1 /DI1 Single use


 (About £1,425)


DE2 2 beds, fare per person


 (About £1,490)
DE1 Single use


 (About £1,920)

OWNER’S CABIN (outside)

EM2 Large bed, fare per person


 (About £1,920)
EM1 Single use


 (About £2,875)

*for departures between March 1 and September 30, 2014, only.

For further details please call Miri Lopusna at The Cruise People Ltd in London on +44 (0)20 7723 2450 or e-mail


New Cargo-Passenger Services From NSB: Two Ships Italy-Far East and Two Ships Singapore-South Africa-South America

CMA CGM Corneille © Dragec at

NSB’s CMA CGM Corneille takes up to eight passengers in an Owners Cabin, two Doubles and two Singles on her Mediterranean-Far East service between Trieste and Singapore, Hong Kong, China and Malaysia.

With immediate effect NSB Freighter Cruises advise that they are able to offer passenger service in the 85,400-ton CMA CGM Corneille from Italy to Far East. She sails on the same route as the 77,940-ton CMA CGM Balzac on a round trip that takes about 70 days. Sectors can be booked as well but the full round voyage takes in Trieste – Port Said East – Jeddah – Port Kelang – Singapore – Shanghai – Pusan – Chiwan – Hong Kong – Tanjung Pelepas – Port Said East – Beirut- Trieste – Koper – Rijeka – Trieste, with the following sailing dates now available from Trieste:

on/about  February 23, 2014
on/about  April 21, 2014
on/about  May 4, 2014
on/about  July 1, 2014
on/about  July 13, 2014

NSB also now offers the routing between Singapore, South Africa and South America on the 68.800-ton Buxcliff (5 passengers) and the 101,660-ton MSC Texas (10 passengers). These ship sail from Singapore to Durban in 15 days and from Durban to Santos in 12 days but the full route is 91 days taking in Singapore – Port Louis – Durban – Santos – Buenos Aires – Paranagua – Santos – Coega – Durban – Colombo – Singapore – Shanghai – Nansha – Hong Kong – Chiwan – Singapore.

For further details please call Miri Lopusna at The Cruise People Ltd in Lonfon on +44 (0)20 7723 2450 or e-mail

New Cargo-Passenger Service Between Genoa and Vancouver via the Panama Canal – Two Single Cabins Available – 78-day Round Trip

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAUpdate 12.02.14:  Oddly, we have just been advised that passengers cannot be accepted on this ship for the Panama Canal transit so any voyages booked will have to be Transatlantic or Coastal Pacific, and the latter only between US ports and Canada or Mexico.

Hansa Shipping’s 58,399-ton deadweight container ship HS Colon has been assigned to a new cargo-passenger route between Genoa, Fos-sur-Mer, Barcelona and Valencia, by way of Cartagena and the Panama Canal, to Los Angeles, Oakland, Tacoma and Vancouver. She then returns from Vancouver via Portland OR, Oakland, Los Angeles and Manzanillo, by way of Panama again, Cartagena and Caucedo, to Tangier, Valencia, Cagliari, Livorno and Genoa. The round voyage takes 78 days while the voyage from Genoa to Vancouver is 36 days and Vancouver back to Genoa is 42 days.

Built in 2002 and calling at Vancouver this weekend, the HS Colon has two single cabins with fares set at €85 per day plus port charges of €85 and deviation insurance at €230. An indoor swimming pool is available and age limits are 6 to 75 maximum. This route can also be turned into part of a round-the-world routing by linking up with NSB’s California to La Spezia service via Suez.

For further details please call Miri Lopusna at The Cruise People Ltd in London on +44 (0)20 7723 2450 or e-mail Ask about round-the-world cruises as well.

Last Minute Cargo Ship Voyage From La Spezia to Australia

MSC GenevaWe can now offer on short notice a voyage in the MSC Geneva, departing La Spezia on or about January 18/19 for the Australia via Mauritius. Ports of call include La Spezia, Naples, Gioia Tauro via Pointe des Galets and Port Louis to  Sydney (34 days from La Spezia), Melbourne (36 days), Adelaide (40 days) and Fremantle (45 days). Part voyages are also possible.

The MSC Geneva is equipped with an Owners Cabin of 340 sq ft and two Double cabins, one of 340 and one of 270 sq ft in area, all with en suite facilities. Each contains a separate dayroom and bedroom, with fares of €90 to €95 per person per day double or €105 to €110 per day single. Port charges and deviation insurance are extra and a valid yellow fever vaccination is required for this voyage.

For further details or to book please contact Miri Lopusna at The Cruise People Ltd in London on 020 7723 2450 or e-mail

Grimaldi Lines Announce Their Cargo-Passenger Line-Up For 2014

Grimaldi Lines ships Grimaldi Lines have made a number of changes to their South Atlantic services over the past year, while the Mediterranean services have been less affected. One important change is that Grimaldi now accepts passengers once more for Brazil. Each Grimaldi ship carries twelve passengers in an array of Owners, outside and inside cabins. Here is a recap of the plans for 2014:


Grimaldi’s South American itineraries are now divided into two loops and there have been changes in ships – basically the former Uruguayn ships will not serve Brazil and vice versa, meaning there will be more outside cabins available on the Uruguayan Loop (Grimaldi is the only freighter line to offer inside cabins):

Uruguay Loop (North Europe – Montevideo and vice versa) with the Grande Amburgo, Grande Nigeria and Grande San Paolo from Tilbury for Hamburg, Antwerp, Le Havre, Dakar, Santos, Zarate, Montevideo, Vitoria and Dakar, thence Tilbury. These ships are equipped with one Owners outside cabin, three standard outsides and two inside cabins.

-Only for passengers travelling with a vehicle.

-Departures every 15 days.

-Round voyages are not available

Brazil Loop (North Europe – Brazil and vice versa) with the Grande Costa D’Avorio, Grande Senegal and Grande Cameroon from Tilbury for Hamburg, Antwerp, Le Havre, Dakar, Freetown, Vitoria, Rio de Janeiro, Santos, Paranagua and Dakar, and return to Tilbury (53 days). These vessels have more inside cabins.

-Only for passengers travelling without a vehicle

-Departures every 15 days.

-Full round voyages are available


-New itinerary from Tilbury to Antwerp, Cotonou, Lagos, Abidjan and return via Hamburg and Amsterdam to Tilbury (33 days).

-At the moment Grimaldi is not accepting bookings to or from Dakar or between Africa and South America


-No changes here. Part voyages possible.

Euro-Med: Weekly sailings from Southampton to Salerno, Piraeus, Izmir, Alexandria, Limassol, Ashdod, Salerno (2nd call), Savona, Setubal, Bristol, Cork, Esbjerg, Wallhamn and Antwerp to Southampton (35 days).

Euro-Aegean: Frequent sailings from Southampton to Flushing, Antwerp, Bristol, Setubal, Valencia, Livorno, Civitavecchia, Salerno, Piraeus, Gemlik, Yenikoy, Salerno (2nd call), Valencia and Southampton (28 days).


-No Haifa call. Itinerary now Monfalcone, Piraeus, Ashdod, Izmir, Gemlik, Ravenna, Koper and Monfalcone (14 days).

For further details and bookings please call Miri Lopusna at The Cruise People Ltd in London on 020 7723 2450 or e-mail


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