Welcome to The Cruise People’s new blog

The Cruise People of London are pleased to welcome you to our newly-created blog. We hope you find our comments and information to be of interest.

About thecruisepeople
Specialists in sea travel - ultra-luxury cruising, freighter travel, small ships and expedition voyages.

2 Responses to Welcome to The Cruise People’s new blog

  1. Peter Larkin says:

    You have the longest most fascinating page I’ve ever encountered in 19 years on the net! Apart from that – if you can think of any freighter company that will let me and my wife travel transatlantic with out 6 kilo – small poodle (who will dance pirroettes for cookies) – I would be most appreciative. I saw one photo of a couple in a cabin with their dog but then about 20 FAQ statements that it wouldn’t be allowed. so I turn to you! Thank you

    • Only the Queen Mary 2 will accept pets and she is equipped with kennels atop the ship. Book earlyn though as the kennels are sold out about a year in advance!

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