Around the World in German ships (124 days with an 18/25-day break)

m/v RICKMERS ANTWERP, m/v RICKMERS GENOA, m/v RICKMERS HAMBURG, m/v RICKMERS JAKARTA, m/v RICKMERS NEW ORLEANS, m/v RICKMERS SEOUL, m/v RICKMERS SHANGHAI, m/v RICKMERS SINGAPORE and m/v RICKMERS TOKYO – (2 Double and 2 Single cabins, swimming pool, maximum 7 passengers), 30,000 dwt tons.

NOTE: Until further notice passengers will not be carried on the stretch between Genoa and Singapore. Unfortunately, this ban has had to be imposed because some passengers have ignored officers’ instructions to stay off the decks in areas where pirates are active. The duration of this passage is about 18-25 days, which would allow passengers about a three-week break in either Europe and/or Southeast Asia before rejoining the ship in Singapore. Alternatively, we can arrange passage through Suez on fast container ships.

Itinerary: – Houston – Baltimore – Philadelphia – Hamburg – Antwerp – Genoa (All passengers must disembark here until further notice) – Suez – Jakarta -Singapore (Passengers may embark or re-embark here)- Hong Kong – Shanghai – Dalian – Pusan – Yokohama – New Orleans – Houston, ports subject to change.

Transatlantic, Transpacific and part voyages possible.


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