Rickmers Stops Carrying Passengers Through The Gulf of Aden

Possibly related to this week’s ban by Hamburg-based Rickmers on carrying passengers through the Gulf of Aden is a report of a pirate attack on a similar-sized ship, also owned in Hamburg, last month.

The Liberian-flag ER Lübeck evaded  pirate attack in the Somali Basin some 450 nautical miles NE of the Seychelles  in the late hours of 11th March, stretching into the early hours of 12th.

The ER Lübeck was en route to Salalah when it was attacked from the rear of  the ship, with pirates opening fire with automatic weapons. The ship sustained  some minor small arms fire damage to the funnel and crane forward of the ship’s  bridge. All personnel are reported to be safe and well.

On Wednesday. Rickmers Reederei in Hamburg issued the following notice to agents booking passengers on their cargo ships:

Although measures are now being taken by the international community to repress piracy in the area and provide protective measures for merchant shipping, the risk of hijacking still remains.

Special protective measures recently implemented on board the Rickmers fleet restrict passengers in their routine of the day for a period of about 10 to 14 days. This has already led to some complaints. Beside this, we have unfortunately experienced a few cases where passengers violated the Captain’s orders whilst the vessel was proceeding through the high risk area, so that the vessel and the people on board were exposed to a greater risk than necessary.

As a consequence the management of the Rickmers Group has decided today that, with immediate effect, no passengers will be accepted to board any of the Rickmers vessels transiting the areas affected by the acts of pirates.

CMA CGM continue to accept passengers on their full 76-day Pacific Express 3 Round-the-World loop in fast container ships. For further details of alternatives please contact The Cruise People Ltd in London on +44 (0)20 7723 2450 or at cruise@cruisepeople.co.uk

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