The Cruise Examiner for 28th November 2011: Some Great Cruises Away From the Mass Market – Other Cruise News: Stern’s Guide to the Cruise Vacation 2012 – German Cruise Market Getting Close To Par With the UK

by Kevin Griffin

The Cruise Examiner for 28th November 2011

For those who have been cruising for many years, one of the worst things about the recent huge growth in cruising has been the new mammoth ships with the massive crowds they bring. For the many who dislike crowds, overweening entertainment, ziplines, Blue Man Group and Red Frog beer, here are three cruises that will take you away from all that to explore areas of real interest. These three rather interesting cruises, away from the crowds and big ships, take place on ships of a certain size with refined and relaxed atmospheres and a total abscence of cartoon characters, ships that remind one of the golden age of cruising.  So today we investigate cruising the unspoiled Caribbean in Seabourn Quest, Atlantic Europe (with three top chefs) in Le Boréal and the Mediterranean from Venice in Azamara Quest. We also examine the 2012 issue of “Stern’s Guide to the Cruise Vacation,” just out, and some of “Stern’s Strong Points.”  And the latest statistics from the German DRV reveal a very successful year in German cruising, with 1.2 million ocean cruisers and 420,000 river cruisers. Germany’s ocean cruise revenues exceeded €2 billion for the first time this year, while river cruise operators generated €472 million. With 1.62 German cruisers and 1.65 UK cruisers in total, the German cruise market will probably surpass the UK’s in size much sooner than we think.

Illustration courtesy of Compagnie du Ponant.

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