CruiseTricks Chooses Cruise People/CMA CGM Cargo-Passenger Route as one of its Top Ten Unusual Cruises in the World

The German site has chosen The Cruise People’s CMA CGM New York to Seattle route via Suez as one of its “Top Ten Unusual Cruises in the World” for 2011. In making its choice, CruiseTricks’s Franz Neumeier said,

“That the French company CMA CGM offers the possibility for up to seven passengers to travel on three of its cargo ships is not unusual. Many cargo ships carry passengers these days. What is unusual about the service offered by the CMA CGM Figaro, CMA CGM La Scala and CMA CGM Tosca, however, is that it follows the route of the first World Cruise undertaken by a passenger ship, as performed by Hamburg America Line’s Cleveland in 1909. These voyages can be booked through The Cruise People Ltd in London.”

The CMA CGM Tosca and fleetmates now connect New York and Seattle (as well as Vancouver BC) via the Suez Canal and Far East ports. © Kevin Quick

Three ships, the CMA CGM Figaro, CMA CGM La Scala and CMA CGM Tosca (shown right), now offer an interesting itinerary between New York and Seattle, as well as Vancouver BC, via the Suez Canal. Known as CMA CGM’s Columbus Loop, the full 112-day round voyage is made via ports in the Far East. Eastbound, ships leave New York via Norfolk and Savannah and sail directly to Tanjung Pelepas, a port in Malaysia located just across the water from Singapore. Calls are then made at Hong Kong, Yantian and Shanghai before proceeding to Pusan, in South Korea, and on to Seattle and Vancouver.

The return voyage is made from Vancouver to Yokohama and then calls at the Chinese ports of Shanghai, Ningbo, Hong Kong and Yantian before returning to New York via Tanjung Pelepas.

Voyage time from New York to Seattle is 60 days and from Seattle to New York 52 days (Vancouver to New York is 49 days). This voyage is for those who love the sea, the longest transit being 32 days from Savannah to Tanjung Pelepas (on the return, Tanjung Pelepas to New York is 23 days).

The new routing retraces the route of the first World Cruise, which was offered by Hamburg America Line’s Cleveland before the Panama Canal had even been opened – but takes half the time. Chartered by Frank C Clark of New York, an early cruise organizer, the Cleveland left New York on October 16, 1909, and took 108 days to proceed across the Atlantic to ports in the Mediterranean, Suez Canal, India and the Far East before finishing the world’s first Round-the-World Cruise in San Francisco on January 31, 1910. Passengers then returned to their homes from the West Coast by train while the Cleveland retraced her steps on a second world cruise. Equally, passengers taking the new Columbus Loop cruise can travel around the world in either direction and complete their circumnavigation in less than two months by making the rail journey across North America.

The CMA CGM Figaro and CMA CGM La Scala carry seven passengers each in three double cabins and one single, with fares set at €80 per person per day or €90 per day for sole occupancy of a double cabin. The CMA CGM Tosca carries up to eight passengers in three double cabins and two singles. Fares include full board, port charges, deviation insurance and complimentary French table wine with lunch and dinner. Part voyages are also possible but the full 105112-day round voyage starts at €8,960 (about $11,895 or £7,490). New York to Seattle is €4,800 (about $6,375 or £4,015) for 60 days and Seattle to New York is €4,160 (about $5,525 or £3,475) for 52 days.

For further details please call Miri Lopusna at The Cruise People Ltd in London on 020 7723 2450 or e-mail

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6 Responses to CruiseTricks Chooses Cruise People/CMA CGM Cargo-Passenger Route as one of its Top Ten Unusual Cruises in the World

  1. Ingrid Janiec says:

    We are looking for a freighter travel from north America to Asia, my husband is 83 and I am 67 , we are both in excellent health. Can you help with suggestions. e-mail Thank you

    • Hi Ingrid. Most lines have a maximum age of either 75 or 79 as, even if you can submit a clean medical certificate, there are no doctors on board cargo ships. The one exception is Grimaldi Lines, who have an upper age limit of 85, but they serve the Europe-Argentina, Europe-West Africa and Round Europe and Mediterranean trades and not Asia. So your best bet in this case is either a cruise ship on a positioning voyage or on a sector of a world cruise.

      • Lisa Giannetti says:

        We have a similar question: we’re located in San Francisco and would like to travel by freighter to Italy, preferably arriving in Naples. We saw the Oakland ~ Naples via Asia route which is quite long. Also how safe is Suez Canal/Somali Coast? We could also leave from the US Great Lakes area. I’m 55 and my partner is 76. Please reply to email and send brochure w/your info to:

        p.o. box 318205, S.F. CA U.S.A. 94131-8205

        Thank You!

      • Hi Lisa, Thanks for your enquiry. You have a response by email to these questions. We can do either route.

  2. bob hallsworth says:

    do you cargo passenger ships sailing from Fremantle WA to UK ?

    • We have four sailings a year Fremantle – Melbourne – Sydney – Melbourne – Adelaide – Singapore – Port Kelang – Chennai – Colombo – Suez Canal – Damietta – Malta – Genoa – Tilbury.

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