Great Lakes Cargo-Passenger Tramp Service To Re-Open Next April

As the Great Lakes season finishes with the last ships leaving the lakes through the St Lawrence Seaway this week, we take this opportunity to bring you an interesting video from Great Lakes Ships.

This clip shows Polsteam’s m.v. Isolda loaded with grain for Europe, leaving Lake Huron and passing under the Blue Water Bridge into the St Clair River. The bridge joins the cities of Sarnia, Ontario, in Canada (to the right) and Port Huron, Michigan, in the United States (to the left). Within a few hours, she will be passing Detroit. The Isolda and her sister ships carry six passengers each, on two sailings each month.

The Polska Zegluga Morska (Polish Steamship Co) cargo-passenger service re-opens in April 2012 but bookings are now being taken and further details can be found at Polsteam Great Lakes Passenger Service

Great Lakes round voyages can be booked from Amsterdam/IJmuiden, Cleveland, Ohio, or  Burns Harbor, Indiana, at a fare of $5,995 for 60 days, with refund of $100 per day for a voyage of less than 60 days, or surcharge of $100 per day for days over, and a supplement for the Owners Cabin. The eastbound destination ports are not known until the outward grain cargo is stemmed. The eastbound trade being grain (wheat, corn, soybeans, peas, etc) , most ships load at  Duluth, Minnesota, or Thunder Bay, Ontario, with the rest loading at Milwaukee, Toledo, Montreal, Sorel or Quebec. Destinations are not known until the last minute and can be any of Italy, Morocco, Turkey, Spain, Norway, Poland or Russia before returning to Amsterdam/IJmuiden again to load more steel for Cleveland and Burns Harbor.  Don’t miss the last opportunity to sail on a “tramp ship” service, where the ships follow the cargo.

For further details call Miri Lopusna at The Cruise People Ltd in London or e-mail

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2 Responses to Great Lakes Cargo-Passenger Tramp Service To Re-Open Next April

  1. Micki Abrahamson says:

    Miri Lopusna,

    Hi there, I found your your email on the cuisepeople website regarding The Polish Steamship Company. Im not sure If you can help me or not. My name Is Micki Abrahamson, I am a 23 year old male. I live in Duluth, MN, USA near Lake Superior. I am very seriously looking into traveling by Freight ship from USA (Great lakes if possible) to europe. My final destination is Stockholm Sweden, but, I can make my way north once I land in europe. I will be leaving in the month of may 2012 (money is not to much of an issue)
    Can you steer me in the right direction? Anything could help at this point..

    Thank you for your time,
    Micki Abrahamson

    • Hi Micki, we can most certainly steer you in the right direction as we are the general passenger agents for this service. Last year we booked a 23-year-old lady graduate of Oberlin College from Thunder Bay to Ghent but more ships call at Duluth. Other people boarded at Cleveland, Burns Harbor and once Quebec, although that call is rare. The disembarkation port in Europe depends on where the grain is sold. We will send further details to your email address but they can also be found here:

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