Three of The Cruise People’s Top Past Employees Help Celebrate Twenty Years in the Sea Travel Business in the UK

As The Cruise People Ltd first opened in London on October 1, 1992, this weekend saw us celebrating our 20th Anniversary in the UK – the Canadian company of the same name has been going for forty years. So on Friday night, three top staff from years gone by managed to surprise me with a celebration of this fact. Showing up at close of business on Friday were Mona (1996-98 and 1999-2002) and surprise guest Caroline (1995-98 and 2000-06), who had brought appropriate decoration for the front window of our London office. After champagne and cake on the premises, we adjourned to celebrate further in two of our local pubs, where (another surprise) we were joined by Eva (2000-05). These three ladies and others have been the strength of our business over the past two decades.

Appropriate window decoration as supplied by Caroline.

We were also joined by telephone by Zjelka (1997-99) . During the celebration that followed at a popular local Italian restaurant, the ladies presented Kevin with a birthday plaque in honour of The Cruise People’s twenty years in the UK and an impressively engraved pen set complete with company logo.

These ladies and Marie-France, Corine, Carmela, Margery, Helene, Nem, Marianne, Judi, Christine, Szilvia, Dessy, and more recently Gay and Miri, have helped The Cruise People get to where it is today and I’d like personally to thank all of them, and particularly Caroline, Eva and Mona, as well as Gay and Miri who deal with our customers today, for their contributions to our success over the past twenty years. Of the ladies present on Friday, Mona still lives in London, working in the conference business, Eva is planning to emigrate to Sydney with her husband and two small boys in November, and Caroline lives in the West Country (within view of the ships and the sea) with her husband, son and daughter  and works in a local school. Zjelka is now married with son and lives in  Croatia, where she works for a large accounting firm.

So thanks again, in order of appearance on Friday night, to Mona, Caroline and Eva for a wonderful surprise dinner, and to all those who have worked for us now and in the past for all your efforts on our behalf. It has been both a pleasure and an honour to work with all of you during those twenty years!

To learn more about The Cruise People, ultra-luxury cruising, small ship, cargo ship and expedition voyages, feel free to call us in London on 020 7723 2450 or e-mail

By Kevin Griffin


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2 Responses to Three of The Cruise People’s Top Past Employees Help Celebrate Twenty Years in the Sea Travel Business in the UK

  1. monahedlund2012 says:

    It was a pleasure to be part of 20th Anniversary celebrations of The Cruise People Ltd. As mentioned by Kevin, I was a part of the “crew” for some years. I very much enjoyed working in the nice offices on York Street with some great staff during those years. For me it was very close to my heart to work with the freighter voyages, having worked as a cook on a small vessel on Worldwide trade for almost 3 years before coming to London from Sweden. I wish The Cruise People, with Kevin and his staff, a good year of celebrating their anniversary!

  2. Congratulations, Kevin, on a successful 20 years of introducing many people to the joys of the sea. I had a happy nine months working for you with Mona and Eva and wish I could have come over from Melbourne Australia to join in the festivities. I am still working as a cruise specialist in Melbourne and still enjoying lots of cruises. All good wishes for another 20 years!
    Margery Smith.

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