The Growth of Cruising: A Twenty-Five Year Comparison – Norwegian Cruise Line Float – The New SuperStar Gemini


by Kevin Griffin

The Cruise Examiner for 28th January 2013

Royal PrincessIn 1984, Princess Cruises introduced the 44,348-ton Royal Princess, at 761 x 96 feet and 1,200 passengers.

Riviera - OceaniaIn 2011-12, Oceania Cruises introduced the 66,048-ton Marina and Riviera, at 777 x 105 feet & 1,250 passengers.

Twenty-five years ago, the main players in the cruise industry operated a fleet of around forty ships offering berths for some 37,000 passengers. Today, the same players operate a fleet of around 125 ships capable of carrying in excess of 250,000 passengers at any one time. Not only has the industry grown almost seven-fold during that period but it has in effect divided into the best and the biggest, with seven or eight lines offering the best in service and experience and another seven or eight offering another type of seagoing experience, on very large scale ships at affordable prices. This week, we look at this phenomenon. Elsewhere, Norwegian Cruise Holdings has floated at a 30% premium and another SuperStar Gemini has made her début.

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