Which Shares Would You Buy? – Cruise & Maritime Enters The Australian Market – Classic International Revived?

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by Kevin Griffin

The Cruise Examiner for 11th February 2013


Within the past several months, both Facebook and Norwegian Cruise Line have launched Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) on the Nasdaq. We have a look at some of the differences between the two and ask which shares would you prefer to buy? Elsewhere, news broke last week that Cruise & Maritime Voyages was going to enter the Australian market, in an effort to fill the void created by the demise of Classic International Cruises.. But no sooner had that been announced than the ghost of Classic International rose from the dead, with the news that its creditors Montepio Geral had sold the entire Classic International fleet, with four ships going to a Portuguese entrepreneur who intends to revive the operation, while one goes back to the sons of George Potamianos, who had founded Portugal’s cruise fleet with Classic International.

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A Typical Week’s Menu On Board An NSB Container Ship

Hanjin Brussels Dining RoomFor those interested in what meals are like on board a passenger-carrying container ship, here are typical menus for a week on NSB’s Hanjin Brussels, courtesy of Val Hamer, who travelled in her from Oakland, California, to Pusan, South Korea. This ship has two double cabins and one single for passengers. And this menu plan does not include the soups or desserts! (photo of Hanjin Brussels officers restaurant by Val Hamer).






Sausage Goulash with Fried Egg Chicken Curry with Rice Spaghetti Bolognese with Garlic Bread
Tuesday French Toast Breaded Fish with Tartar Sauce, Ratatouille and Fried Potato Sweet & Sour Pork with Rice
Wednesday Corned Beef with Fried Egg Beef Stroganoff with Cauliflower and Boiled Potato Chicken Cordon Bleu Mixed Vegetables and Boiled Potato
Thursday Shrimp Scramble Grilled Turkey Breast with Red Cabbage and Boiled Potato Bratwurst with Sauerkraut and Mashed Potato
Friday Hawaiian Toast Fried Fish Fillet with Carrots & Peas and Baked Potato Fried Chicken Wings with Rice
Saturday Banana Pancake Eintopf with Brown Beans, Meat & Sausages & Baguette Pork Shaschlik, Broccoli and Boiled Potato
Sunday Bacon, Baked Beans, Eggs to Order, Bread Rolls Beef Tenderloin Steak, Cauliflower & Broccoli, French Fries Alaska!! Assorted Cold Cuts Buffet

To learn more about freighter travel please contact Miri Lopusna at The Cruise People Ltd in London on 020 7723 2450 or e-mail cruise@cruisepeople.co.uk.

The World of Cruising According to Condé Nast – Argentina and Falklands Conflict Calms – And A New Home For Queen Elizabeth 2

THE CRUISE EXAMINER at Cybercruises.com

by Kevin Griffin

The Cruise Examiner for 4th February 2013

Silver SpiritCondé Nast Traveler rates both the 540-berth Silver Spirit (above) and the 2,092-berth Queen Elizabeth as medium-size ships, while Berlitz more logically calls the Silver Spirit small and the Queen Elizabeth large.
Last week, US-based Condé Nast Traveler magazine released the results of its 2013 best cruise ships poll, dividing the fleet into small, medium and large cruise ships plus river cruisers. Among the winners are names such as Azamara, Celebrity, Crystal, Cunard, Holland America, Oceania, Princess, Regent, Royal Caribbean, Seabourn and Silversea, as well as some lesser known cruising names such as Grand Circle and National Geographic. Meanwhile, from Silversea comes news that the situation in Argentina seems to be calming down, with their ships again calling on both Argentina and the Falkland Islands. Elsewhere, we have news of a new future for the iconic Queen Elizabeth 2, in a major Asian city yet to be announced.

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Freighter Expert Fred Cherney Retires From The Cruise People’s Toronto Office: London Office To Take Over Cargo Ship Bookings

Fred Cherney from the Toronto office of The Cruise People Ltd yesterday announced his retirement from the field of freighter travel, after thirty-three years in the business.

In a statement from Toronto, Fred said “Instead of retiring my sweater, The Cruise People Ltd (Canada) is retiring from the passenger freighter business. The company will continue to be a very experienced source of ocean liner voyages, cruise ships, river boats and expedition cruises. The Langs [owners of the Canadian firm] have been in business since 1972.”

In his message to past passengers, Mr Cherney said, “I’d like to thank my past clients who sailed over the years. It has been a real pleasure working with you and reading your voyage reports. My e-mail account will remain open for a time and I’d love to hear from you.” Fred can be reached at fcherney@thecruisepeople.ca.

StaffMiri0113He went on to add that “those interested in passenger freighter voyages should contact our London office. Miri Lopusna is very experienced in freighters all over the world and will look after your needs. I recommend her highly.”

Miri joined The Cruise People in 2009 and  will continue to book freighter passengers on routes worldwide. Being close to owners in Europe, the London office now counts more than 350 passenger-carrying cargo ships on its books and Miri books passengers from around the world. She can be reached in London on +44 (0)20 7723 2450 (UK time) or by e-mail any time at cruise@cruisepeople.co.uk.

Photos: Fred Cherney (top) and Miri Lopusna (above).