Celebrity & Azamara Top Cruisers’ Choice Awards – Nassau Forgot the Epic Was Coming To Town – Two More Ships Going All-Inclusive

THE CRUISE EXAMINER at Cybercruises.com

by Kevin Griffin

The Cruise Examiner for 4th March 2013

Celebrity Eclipse

Last week, Cruise Critic announced its UK and US Cruisers’ Choice Awards for 2013 and Celebrity and Azamara came out at the very top of all the lines, for large and small ships, respectively, while Oceania took top prizes for its medium-sized Marina and Riviera. Disney also captured top places, but only in the US, and a surprise winner on both sides of the Atlantic was Thomson Cruises. You can see the detailed results in this week’s Cruise Examiner. Meanwhile, Nassau forgot one of its regular callers last month and didn’t have a spot for the Norwegian Epic when she arrived for her usual visit the Friday before last, and we take a look at the incursions that the all-inclusive concept is making into the cruise market.

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