New Cargo-Passenger Service To The Amazon By The Buxharmony

Buxharmony © lappinoFor the first time in many years, we are able to offer a cargo ship service for passengers wanting to visit the Amazon, as well as other parts of East Coast South America and the Caribbean.

Buxharmony routeEvery 63 days, NSB’s Buxharmony (seen above) sails from Rio de Janeiro to Manaus by way of Salvador da Bahia, Port of Spain (its is also possible to join in Trinidad), Cartagena Punta Manzanillo, Panama, and Kingston, Jamaica, to Manaus. After the ship leaves Manaus she  calls at Suape, Vitoria, Santos, Zarate, Buens Aires, Monteviedo, Rio Grande, Itajai, Paranagua and Santos before returning to Rio de Janeiro.

The full nine-week voyage can be made for €5,985 plus €330 in dues and taxes, for a total of €6,315 (about £5,465 or US $8,965) per person. The Buxharmony carries up to five (5) passengers in one Owners, one Double and one Single cabins and port-to-port voyages are also possible.

For further details please call Miri lopusna at The Cruise People Ltd in London on 020 7723 2450 or e-mail


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