85 Years Ago: The Flight To White – New Ships And New Port For CMA CGM – The World’s Longest Cruises

The Cruise Examiner for 24th August 2015

Empress of Britain © C E A van Boeckel

Canadian Pacific’s Empress of Britain of 1931 was the largest white-hulled passenger ship until the Canberra of 1961

Eighty-five years ago, Canadian Pacific’s newly built Empress of Japan appeared with a white hull, something her running mate the Empress of Canada had adopted the previous year. Within a year, the 42,348-ton Empress of Britain had joined them, and would remain the largest white-hulled passenger ship for thirty years, until P&O’s 45,270-ton Canberra of 1961. Soon, lines such as P&O, Pacific Steam, Blue Star, Lamport & Holt and Royal Mail joined them. Meanwhile, CMA CGM is introducing three new passenger-carrying cargo ships to its Caribbean and South American route, while the three they replace will open up a new passenger service between the Mediterranean and the Caribbean. And finally, we have a look at some of the world’s longest cruises, as brought to us by Prestige Cruise Holdings.

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