Grimaldi Lines’ New Cargo-Passenger Service Between Civitavecchia (Rome), Baltimore and Antwerp To Include Halifax

Grande Napoli © Ingo Seidlitz

Grande Napoli entered Grimaldi Lines’ new North Atlantic service in February 2015.

After years of very little happening as far as cargo-passenger service goes in the Port of Halifax, it turns out that the port is turning into a bit of a mecca for container and cargo ship travel. Soon after CMA CGM revealed that its Columbus Loop service would start calling at Halifax, Grimaldi Lines announced a new cargo-passenger service between Civitavecchia (for Rome), Baltimore, Halifax and Antwerp.

To start with, Grimaldi will offer Civitavecchia – Baltimore (sometimes other ports as well: Jacksonville, New York, Newport News and Halifax). An eastbound Baltimore and Halifax to Antwerp service is also available for passengers and it may be possible later to book accompanying vehicles as well. These ships carry up to twelve passengers each, the maximum allowed on a cargo ship.

Grimaldi Outside stateroom

One-way North Alantic fares for 2015-16:

Owners Category EM2: €1,700 (about US $1,905) per person for two
Outside Category DE2: €1,300 (about US $1,455) per person for two
Inside Categories DI2/BI2: €950 (about US $1,065) per person for two

Owners Category EM1: €2,300 (about US $2,575) for sole occupancy
Outside Category DE1: €1,700 (about US $1,905) for sole occupancy
Inside Categories DI1/BI1: €1,200 (about US $1,345) for sole occupancy

The duration of each voyage will be about 11-13 days and there is a sailing about every 13 days. When there are more voyages for Halifax it will be possible for passengers to travel with accompanied vehicles. Bookings are only accommodated about thirty days in advance.

The addition of Grimaldi Lines to the roster means that Halifax now has four different cargo-passenger routes served by fourteen ships:

o  The CMA CGM Columbus Loop (six ships carrying seven passengers each) about every 21 days via Suez to Malaysia, China, Vietnam and South Korea and then on to Vancouver and Seattle.

o  Grimaldi Lines’ Grande Marocco, Grande Guinea, Grande Sierra Leone and Grande Benin (Owners cabin and 5 Inside cabins), and Grande Napoli and Grande Roma (3 Outside cabins, max 4 per cabin) between Italy, Baltmire, Halifax and Belgium.

o  Melfi Line’s Vera D (one double and one single cabin) every 55 days to Cuba, Mexico and Italy.

o  The NSB-managed Zim San Francisco (three double cabins) every 77 days from Halifax to China and South Korea via the Panama Canal.

These recent announcements will be a boon for Halifax in particular as it means there will now be sveral hundred passenger berths available in each direction on board cargo ships calling there each year where previously there had been fewer than 40.

For further details on booking a voyage on Grimaldi Lines or any of the services listed above please contact Miri Lopusna at The Cruise People Ltd in London on +44 (0)20 7723 2450 or e-mail


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2 Responses to Grimaldi Lines’ New Cargo-Passenger Service Between Civitavecchia (Rome), Baltimore and Antwerp To Include Halifax

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    • Unfortunately, the passenger service now goes first to Jacksonville and not to Baltimore. Halifax has not yet been added to the plan. The only ships on which you can take your own vehicle from the Americas remain those Grimaldi Lines operate from Montevideo to north Europe.

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