Round The World In 77 Days By CMA CGM: From Houston, Mobile, New Orleans, Miami & Jacksonville Via Tangier, Singapore, Hong Kong, Chinese Ports And South Korea


CMA CGM Florida in Panama Canal

CMA CGM Florida, one of the original PEX3 round-the-world ships, seen here in the Panama Canal

Occasionally, depending on ship changes, we have been able to offer full world voyages  from Houston, Mobile, New Orleans, Miami and Jacksonville.

Because of changes in the way the Pacific Express 3 Line operated it became a full 77-day Round-the-World freighter cruise from US ports via Singapore, Hong Kong, Chinese ports and South Korea. Vessels engaged on this route presently include the CMA CGM Lamartine as well as the Chicago and Conti Basel, which are chartered from NSB.

The full round-the-world voyage takes 77 days, with a fare of €8,585 per person double occupancy or €9,355 for sole use of a double cabin. Sample one-way fares are Miami to Hong Kong in 39 days at €4,405 (€3,595 single), Hong Kong to Houston in 31 days at €3,525 (€3,835 single) or Houston to Singapore in 42 days at €4,735 (€5,155 single).


The full itinerary is Houston – Mobile – New Orleans – Miami – Jacksonville – Tangier – Singapore – Hong Kong – Shekou, China – Shanghai, China – Ningbo, China – Pusan, South Korea – Houston.

For further details on this Round-the-World service please call Miri Lopusna at The Cruise People Ltd in London on +44 (0)20 7723 2450 or e-mail

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