Empress Follows Churchill’s Tampa Route To Cuba – Oceania And Viking Sail To Havana From Miami – Small Ship Cruises To Cuba

The Cruise Examiner for 16th January 2017

Havana Cruise Terminal

Havana’s Sierra Maestra cruise terminal in the Old Town has three berths, at 562, 602 and 625 feet in length

Cruises from the US to Cuba have been making the news over the past year, with the final result that permission was granted last month for seven US-based cruise lines to make calls on Cuba in 2017. While this is a big difference from the days when a ship that called in Cuba was not allowed to re-enter the United States for six months, there remains an air of uncertainty to the whole subject. So far, the majority of cruises have only been approved until May. And with a change of US administration this week, it is too early to know where this will go. So today we briefly survey the product that has been approved for sale so far.

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