Travel Daily News – On The Deck With Kevin Griffin, Proprietor of The Cruise People

By Sam Ballard, Travel Daily News, 12 December 2012, Wednesday 3:43 PM

StaffKevin10AYou have been in the industry for a long time. How did you get interested in the cruise sector?
I was born in the UK and  emigrated to Canada as a young boy, something that started my interest in ships and shipping. Then when I went to university in Canada I spent my summers working on cruise ships, first on the Great Lakes and then between Vancouver and Alaska. Upon graduation, I went into international shipping, where I spent more than two decades, including two assignments in the UK, involved in world trade. It was on my last UK assignment that I saw an opportunity to sell cruises here, so in 1992 I moved back to London and established The Cruise People.
Tell us a little bit more about The Cruise People?
To start with I was going to buy the UK rights for a large American franchise cruise seller but instead I negotiated with the Canadian company of the same name to be able to use the name The Cruise People in the UK. I bought an existing retail travel agency, which gave me a London address, some furniture and some rudimentary computers. Within a year, I had closed down the general retail business and was doing 100% cruises and sea travel. Soon after opening we received an appointment to act as a wholesale (and retail) booking agent for a North American-based expedition company. That was followed by a request from a German company to put passengers on their container ships. In 1999, we took on the general passenger agency for the Polish Steamship Company, who had just built five passenger carrying cargo ships for service between Amsterdam and the US Great Lakes. And at the end of 2005, we dedicated one cruise consultant to selling nothing but the six most expensive cruise lines.
Are you a traditional brick and mortar travel agency or do you only specialise in selling cruise?
We are a brick and mortar agency in that we are a twenty-first century business working from eighteenth century premises, concentrating on cruises and sea travel. But more than that, we are an international business, dealing not only in sterling, but also in euros and US dollars. Almost half of our business comes from outside the UK. We opened our first website in 1994 and that helped us internationally. Since we started a blog, however, it has been attracting twice as many visits as our own website’s main page. Visitors to our blog in the first six months came from the US (47%), the UK (21%), Canada (15%) and the rest mainly from Australia, Germany and France. Visitors to the main page of our web site, on the other hand, are totally different. More than half, 52%, come from the UK, 29% from the US, and the rest mainly from Australia, Canada, Brazil and France.
Are there any particular segments of the cruise market your company targets?
Niche is key for us. We now target three markets: ultra-luxury cruising, small ship and expedition cruising and freighter travel. I have recently returned from visiting the University of Virginia, where we have started working with Semester at Sea, which as well as offering seagoing semesters for university students, offer shorter Enrichment Voyages for ordinary (or out of the ordinary) passengers. Their ship, the Explorer, which usually spends several nights in each port, will be sailing in Europe next year. In general, since we opened twenty years ago we have become much less mainstream and much more specialised, something that helps us when cruise lines cut commissions, as they are now. Our chosen product range generally pays well and, unlike the mass market, niche products are not afflicted by that peculiar British disease of rebating from commission to buy the business, something I regard as totally unprofessional.
What do you see as the major challenges and threats facing your business?
The major challenges we face are suppliers failing, a greater number of lines prohibiting cross-border selling and, more recently, commission cuts. On the financial viability side, it’s usually agents that get the scrutiny, but in
one year alone, 2001, we had five principals go out of business. This included American Classic Voyages, Renaissance Cruises and three small ship operators. More recently, we had Cruise West and Hebridean International, the ashes of which were picked up by All Leisure. Not only do we have to ensure that our clients are protected when suppliers fail but we also have to try to protect our own commissions. We are still waiting for the courts in Seattle to decide on several thousand dollars owed to us by Cruise West and we also lost money on Hebridean. So a warning to agents – always check out your principals. But what hurts even more these days is cruise lines restraining trade by prohibiting crossborder sales. Unlike others, we are not a local neighbourhood agent, nor do we operate a national call centre. Almost half our clients (and also our product by the way) come from outside the UK, so cruise lines prohibiting cross-border sales are an increasing problem.
Are there any areas that you believe cruise lines could improve on to assist your company to sell more cruises?
Yes, I believe they should allow clients to buy wherever they want, for one thing. And before you talk about consumer protection, the Consumer Protection Act itself provides quite explicitly for that. We highly recommend
that clients pay by credit card when they are booking offshore. Otherwise, the market should be free. The other thing cruise lines should do is to maintain base commission at 10% but offer incentives that allow agents to make more. I remind you that we will no longer support lines that don’t pay adequately as we have other products to sell that give us a better margin.
What is your favourite cruise destination and why?
My favourite destination was Bermuda, but with the advent of larger ships the experience of cruising to that island is no longer what it was. Until about five years ago, purpose-built cruise ships operated in the New York-Bermuda trade, sailing right in to Front Street. But because of channel restrictions into Hamilton and the increasing size of cruise ships, they now go to a place called Dockyard, a sort of shopping mall located 45 minutes away from Hamilton by taxi. This is no longer a great cruise experience. In Europe, my favourite is Venice, but Venice too is suffering from an increase in ship size, and there are moves afoot to stop cruise ships sailing along the Grand Canal and past St Mark’s Square. If this happens, there is still Santorini, where ships anchor in the caldera and where the sunset is one of the most spectacular in the world.
In your view what destination is emerging as the next big growth area for cruising?
In a word, BRIC – or in four, Brazil, Russia, India and China. Not only are these great destinations but they are also rapidly emerging consumer markets. There is not a week goes by when we do not get multiple enquiries from Brazil, and the same can be said of the Far East. There is a lot of money in these places. We get relatively fewer enquiries from India and Russia, but Mumbai and the Indian Ocean islands and St Petersburg and the Baltic are destinations that attract a lot of interest. We have clients doing a great tour of the Indian Ocean in December with Oceania, starting in Dubai and sailing to India, the Indian Ocean islands and East Africa before finishing in Cape Town. China too is growing, not only as western lines bring in newer and larger ships but also as the Chinese themselves prepare to build their first cruise ships. Popular ports in the Caribbean and Mediterranean are being spoiled as cruise ship crowds keep getting bigger, and there is in general more commission to be made by selling cruises to the BRICs.
By Sam Ballard, 12 December 2012, Wednesday 3:43 PM           © Travel Daily News UK

Round the World: Crossing The Pacific On A Cargo Ship


Another container ship, another fantastic sea voyage. There is really no greater way to travel! My first cargo ship trip was three months earlier, from Germany to US, and it made me fall in love with the sea and this slow way to travel. This latest voyage, from US to Australia was equally wonderful, and happily a week longer. Three full weeks of great company, gorgeous views and excellent food – what more could anyone want?

Boarding the ship was quite relaxed. It took me and the friendly taxi driver three tries to find the correct spot where I would get a shuttle to take me to the ship, but after that it was smooth sailing. I got to the ship and hallooed the deck hand in charge of boarding, who helpfully came down and carried my luggage up the gangway to the ship. The third officer came shortly and took me to the ship’s office where we went over paperwork and the like. Then he took me to my cabin, and I was free to settle in. My cabin was all in one room, so it was smaller than the luxurious owner’s cabin on the Jamaica. But I had my own bathroom and a window, and I was at the end of the corridor in a nice quiet corner.

The Cap Capricorn was structured very much like the Jamaica, with several decks for social spaces, crew and passenger cabins and the bridge in one super structure toward the rear of the ship. My cabin was on deck F, which was two decks below the bridge and one above the deck with the laundry. Perfect. My cabin faced aft, which I wasn’t too happy about, but I saw some fabulous sunsets and sunrises (yes, both) from my window, so came to appreciate the view.

We were only three passengers on this trip, and the other two were a couple in their 70s. Like the passengers on the Jamaica, my fellow travelers were also very fond of travel and had in fact spent most of their lives living in fascinating places and traveling all over the world. Great company! The crew was quite mixed this time, mostly Indian, with Polish, Filipino, Romanian and Chinese mixed in. The crew overall didn’t socialize with each other much, so there was no partying like on the Jamaica. But I had great time with the other passengers, we spent much time walking around the deck, having a pre-dinner drink or watching movies after dinner. Oh and the food was fantastic! Due to the many Indians onboard, there was usually a vegetarian Indian option available at meal times, which kept me very happy. Our Romanian cook was also kind enough to cook something special for me when there otherwise wouldn’t have been anything suitable. So I ate really well, which gave me extra zest for burning up the calories up on the deck!

Crossing both the equator and the international date line brought some excitement to our journey. Of course the sea looks much the same on both sides of these imaginary lines, but few people ever cross either at sea. We also successfully outraced a typhoon less than a week into our journey, and actually enjoyed mostly calm seas and sunny skies during the three weeks. Unlike on the Atlantic crossing, I actually saw about a hundred dolphins overall! And lots of flying fish, scattering away from our path. On one of the last days I also had an unconfirmed whale sighting. It was all so quick that I didn’t get a photo, but it was definitely larger than a dolphin, traveling alone rather than in a pod and moved far too slow for a dolphin.

And best of all, in Auckland we loaded a half long container with five horses onboard. The crossing from New Zealand to Australia and back usually includes horses onboard, and the horse wrangler was thus a regular visitor. For us passengers this was new and exciting and much time was spent checking out the horses and asking the handler questions. No, the horses don’t mind the ocean swells. Yes, they sleep standing up. The pee and the poo goes overboard when away from ports. No, the horses do not need to get out of their stalls in the five day trip. Nor do they need constant supervision or company. The horses were really chill about the whole thing and absolutely no trouble at all.

This was the first time I had a port of call, and was happily able to meet some old dear friends for lunch in Auckland. After lunch we had a nice little walk around town, as between docking, formalities and the lunch, there was really only two hours until boarding time. I had spent four weeks touring New Zealand some years earlier, so on this trip I settled for only a short visit in favor of maximizing my time in Australia. I will miss all my new friends from the Cap Capricorn, but I look forward to all new adventures in Down Under!

– end –

For further details of booking a cargo ship voyage please call Miri Lopusna at The Cruise People Ltd in London on +44 (0)20 7723 2450 or e-mail

South Pacific Cargo Ship Voyage: Aranui 5’s Maiden Voyage To The Marquesas and Tuamotu Islands Is Set for 6th June 2015

Aranui 5Compagnie Polynésienne de Transport Maritime (CPTM), who operate the South Pacific island supply ship Aranui 3 from Papéeté to the Marquesas and Tuamotu Islands, have announced that their new Aranui 5 (see image above) will make her maiden voyage from Papéeté on June 6, 2015. The Aranui 5, which is beiong built in China, will replace the present ship and will have additional capacity as well as more facilities for passengers. Details will follow later but below is a detailed outline of the usual itinerary. For further details please call Miri Lopusna at the Cruise People Ltd in London or e-mail

    Day 1: Departure from Papeete dock at 10:30 am

Day 2: Fakarava is the largest atoll in the Tuamotu. There is snorkeling and scuba diving for people of all levels. You can swim and snorkel in the translucent lagoon to watch the colourful ballet of tropical lagoon fish. The entire morning will be spent on shore. Lunch will be served on board while we set sail for the Marquesas.
Day 3: You can relax with a book on one of the sun decks, swim in the small pool or enjoy the immense South Pacific. Balmy evenings mean reading in lounge/library or chatting with an authority on Marquesan culture or archaeology. You’ll probably spend many evenings socializing on the upstairs deck/bar with your fellow adventurers from around the world. The spirited Polynesian crew treat you like welcomed guests and proudly introduce you to their rich culture. Almost every night, they sing and strum hypnotic Polynesian rhythms on their ukuleles and will teach you to move your hips to hypnotic beat of the tamure.
Day 4: We sail into Taiohae’s spectacular bay, a giant volcanic amphitheater dominated by towering cliffs streaked with waterfalls. As the Aranui unloads, you can explore Taiohae, the tiny Administrative capital of the Marquesas. Taiohae Bay is where a 23-year-old sailor , He man Melville and a buddy jumped a whaling ship in 1842. We follow their escape route by jeep along steep, winding dirt mountain roads to the village of Hatiheu to visit an archeological site. We’ll have lunch at Yvonne’s Restaurant, one of the best restaurants in the Marquesas, where the specialty is pig baked in an underground oven. You’ll meet the owner-chef, Yvonne, who also happens to be the town’s energetic mayor. After lunch, we will travel to the valley of Taipivai. The area is dotted with stone tiki gods and sacred ritual sites (me’ae) and immense stone platforms (paepae) where the Taipi built their houses. Enigmatic petroglyphs of birds, sacred turtles and fish are carved on huge boulders. The Aranui’s whaleboats will sail down the river to return you to the Aranui, which is anchored in the bay.
Day 5: From the deck, you’ll see the soaring mountain spires of Ua Pou. Whenever the Aranui stops, villages greet it. As the muscular crew unloads supplies – from cements to sugar – and loads sacks of copra (dried coconut meat), you’ll explore the tiny town of Hakahau with its church with a hand-carved wooden dais. You can meet some talented woodcarvers and hike up a hill for a breathtaking view of the distant cloud-covered mountains. At Rosalie’s Restaurant, you’ll taste your first Marquesan lunch: breadfruit, a marquesan staple, along with curried goat, barbecued rock lobster, poisson cru (raw fish marinated in lime juice and soaked in coconut milk ), taro and sweet red bananas.
Day 6: We have plenty of time to explore Atuona, the second largest village in Marquesas. This is where Paul Gauguin lived and did some of his best work. You can visit the colonial store where Gauguin shopped and go into a replica of the Impressionist’s infamous “House of Pleasure.” As you walk up the hill to the cemetery, you’ll have sweeping views of the harbor. Beneath a huge frangipani tree is a tombstone with the simple words: Paul Gauguin 1903. Nearby is the grave of another famous European who also was seduced by Hiva Oa: Belgian singer-composer Jacques Brel, who died in 1978. You’ll also enjoy another lavish Marquesan lunch at Hoa Nui Restaurant.
Day 7: This is the most lush and remote island of the Marquesan. It’s also a center of Marquesan crafts. As our guides lead you through the village of Omoa, you’ll see women hammering mulberry, banyan or breadfruit bark on logs. They dry it and then paint ancient Marquesan designs on their famous tapa cloth. Fatu Hiva is also well-known for its hand-painted pareus (sarongs) and monoi, a perfumed coconut oil scented with tiare blossoms and sandalwood. Skilled woodcarvers will invite you into their home/studios.
Day 8: We’ll travel by foot or by jeep to the most important archeological sites for tikis (ancient, human-like religious sculptures) other than Easter Island. Our trained guides will show you these mysterious jungle ruins of Puamau and tell the stories of these haunting statues of an ancient civilization. Bring plenty of film.
Day 9: On this leaf-shaped island, the air is thick with fragrant scent of tiare, frangipani and history. In the tiny village of Vaitahu, Spanish explorers landed in 1595 and opened fire on a crowd of the curious islanders, killing about 200. When the first missionaries came in 1797, the generous local chief left his wife with missionary John Harris, with instruction that he treat her as his own wife. Harris fled the next day. Tahuata also is the site of the first French settlement in the Marquesas in 1842. The huge church built by the Vatican, is decorated with beautiful Marquesan carvings. We’ll picnic in the Valley of Hapatoni and swim and snorkel at a nearby beach.
Day 10: We’ll visit a museum with exquisite replicas of Marquesan art. Some Aranui passengers will explore the island by four-wheel drive; others will ride the Marquesan horses. For three hours, we will explore the mountain landscape with heart-stopping views of the Pacific. The wild horses (brought from Chile in 1856) thrive here, outnumbering the islands 476 residents. We’ll have a Marquesan lunch at local restaurant and have plenty of time to visit studios of woodcarvers. We’ll visit the arboretum and the garden of fruits and flower. Back on the Aranui, it’s Polynesian night with dancing and buffet dinner on the decks.
Day 11: The Aranui will dock in Nuku Hiva at Taiohae in the morning. You may take the Le Truck back to the town center and spend free time there. At noon, the ship will sail to Ua Pou, returning to our first stop in the Marquesas, Hakahau. This is your last chance to buy Marquesan crafts.
Day 12: At sea.
Day 13: On lovely Rangiroa, the largest atoll in the world, we’ll picnic on coral beach. Aranui passengers can swim and snorkel in a translucent lagoon. Excellent snorkeling and scuba diving are available for people of all levels. “Rangi” is an underwater jewel box with stunning colors of corals and clouds of tropical fishes. You’ll have the opportunity to purchase black pearls from local black pearl.
Day 14: Arrival back in Pepeete about 9:30 am.For further details please call Miri Lopusna at the Cruise People Ltd in London or e-mail

In The Daily Telegraph: Cross The Atlantic On A Cargo Ship

The following story by cruise journalist Dave Monk recently appeared in The Daily Telegraph as part of its 1,000 Dream Trips search aid. Here is a link to the original story:

Pack a few novels and cross the Atlantic as a passenger on a working container vessel for a more authentic taste of life at sea.

Ind Accord Promenade Deck
Independent container ship promenade

Travelling on a working freighter is a world away from the water chutes, children’s clubs and entertainment found on a resort-style cruise ship. You’ll eat with the officers and swim in the crew pool – but you’ll also have a comfortable, private outside cabin. Passenger carrying cargo ships generally take up to 12 paying passengers. Pre-pandemic there were around 200 such vessels criss-crossing the globe. Although that number has dwindled it’s still possible to set sail on a Friday from Southampton, on one of the four container ships of the German-owned Independent Container Line. The freighter sails a 28-day round trip to Chester, Pennsylvania, and Wilmington, North Carolina, returning via Antwerp.

Independent Voyager
Independenr Voyager Sails from Southampton to Chester PA

From Liverpool, the five UK-flagged vessels of the Atlantic Container Line sail 25-day round trips to Halifax in Nova Scotia, New York and Baltimore. Passengers on a German ship might be offered corned beef and fried eggs for breakfast, beef stroganoff with cauliflower and boiled potatoes for lunch, and chicken cordon bleu with mixed vegetables and boiled potato for dinner. A passengers’ pantry is also available for snacks. As well as getting through that pile of books you’ve always meant to read, or catching up on films in the video lounge, you’ll also be able to take navigation lessons on the ship’s bridge.

How To Do It.

Passenger services on cargo ships are slowly coming back after the pandemic, with the
Independent Container Line accepting standby bookings for 2022. Next up will be another
German line, Niederelbe Schiffahrtsgesellschaft Buxtehude, sailing 49-day routes from Le
Havre across to Miami, Mexico and New Orleans. The Atlantic Container Line is expected
to be last to return. The UK specialists in arranging voyages on cargo ships are The Cruise
People Ltd (

Credit: Getty

Cargo Ships Begin To Re-open Passenger Cabins

The German-owned Helle Ritscher wIil leaVe Miami every 21 days for Puerto Moin, Manzanillo Panama, Guayaquil, Callao, Paita, Guayaqul, Manzanilllo and Miam., She offerS four passenger cabins, two double and two singles.

As almost 300 cargo ships have had to give up carrying passengers during the present endemic, we finally find ourselves in the position of being able to offer a few cabins. Now comes news that we can offer the 22,200 dwt ton container ship mv Helle Ritscher on a three-week round voyage from Miami to Ecuador, Peru and back via the Panama Canal.  The first departure is scheduled for March 4, 2022, and port rotation is as follows:

Miami                       March 4, 2012 (day 0)

Puerto Moin           (Day 4)
Manzanillo. Panama   (Day 6)
Manzanillo, Panama     (Transit)
Guayaqil, Ecuador (Day 8)
Callao, Peru             (Day 11)
Paita, Peru (Day 13)
Guayaquil                       (Day 14)
Panama Canal                 (Transit)
Manzanillo, Panama (Day 18)

Miami                  (Day 21)

The cabins are laid out as follows:

Cabin 1:– 1 double suite, Passenger deck, port side forward, 1 bed (2.00 x 1.40m), shower / toilet, wardrobe, refrigerator, TV / DVD, sitting arrangement with sofa, desk, chair, sideboard, carpet, view forward and to the port side. Fare per person is €2,845 Miami/Miami.

Cabin 2: – 1 double suite, Passenger deck, port side forward, 1 bed (2.00 x 1.40m), shower / toilet, wardrobe, refrigerator, TV / DVD, sitting arrangement with sofa, desk, chair, sideboard, carpet, view forward and to the starboard side. Fare per person is €2,845 Miami/Miami.

Cabin 3:- 1 single cabin, Passenger deck, port / aft, 1 bed / living room, 1 bed (2.00 x 1.40 m), shower / toilet, wardrobe, refrigerator, TV, sitting arrangement with sofa, chair, desk, carpet, view astern.Fare per person is €2,845 Miami/Miami

Cabin 4- 1 single cabin, Passenger deck, starboard / aft, 1 bed / living room, 1 bed (2.00 x 1.40 m), shower / toilet, wardrobe, refrigerator, TV, sitting arrangement with sofa, chair, desk, carpet, view astern.Fare per person is €2,635 Miami/Mia

For further details of this or any freighter voyage please contact Miri Lopusna at The Cruise People Ltd in London on +44 (0)20 7723 2450 or e-mail From the US or Canadad ial us toll free on 1-800-516-6950


The Best UK -Based “Cruises to Somewhere” This Summer: On Board Celebrity Cruises, Princess Cruises And Royal Caribbean

More news after our March letter – more ships cruising from UK ports for British passengers, now with UK ports of call. For those who have booked with us before, many of you on the Celebrity Eclipse, we are pleased to bring you news of cruises from Celebrity, Princess and Royal Caribbean While many ships will be “cruising to nowhere” from UK ports this summer, we recommend these ships as they are actually “cruising to somewhere.”

While we particularly recommend these three lines, other companies such as Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines, Hurtigruten and Viking Cruises also offer UK to UK sailings for UK residents only. So do Saga and MSC Cruises. And Cunard, Disney, P&O, Princess and others offer “cruises to nowhere”

Celebrity Cruises Returns To Southampton
The Celebrity Silhouette offers all-inclusive balcony fares from Southampton

Celebrity Cruises has announced its long-awaited return to the UK recently, as it confirmed that its newly-refitted Celebrity Silhouette will sail from Southampton this summer, offering new luxury staycations for discerning British guests.

Setting sail from Southampton on Saturday, July 3, the new Apex-like Celebrity Silhouette will embark on a series of 6-to-8-night itineraries around the UK. Guests will have the chance to explore the Portland coast, discover bustling Scottish cities including Inverness, Kirkwall and Glasgow, uncover the history of Belfast, and, immerse themselves in the cultural hub of Liverpool – home of the Beatles.

Sample 6-night Sailings in July 2021, balconies from £1,099 per person

July 3 – Southampton – Greenock – Belfast – Southampton

July 17 – Southampton – Inverness – Belfast – Southampton

July 31 – Southampton – Inverness – Liverpool – Southampton

Celebrity Silhouette will sail with all guests aged 18 and above vaccinated against Covid-19, and those under the age of 18 with negative PCR test results. Celebrity Silhouette’s return to the UK will offer UK travellers the opportunity to book a luxury staycation to reconnect with friends and family, while at the sae time boosting British tourism and ports.

From bow to stern, Celebrity Silhouette has undergone a stylish multi-million-dollar refit, designed to add some of the new luxury experiences from the newer Celebrity Apex series.

Celebrity Silhouette’s new look includes:

• Completely modernised staterooms and suites with additional enhancements for guest comfort

* The Retreat for suite guests, an exclusive open-air hideaway featuring a private sun deck and lounge with complimentary beverages, gourmet bites, entertainment, and concierge service

• Stunningly refitted restaurants, bars, and lounges where guests can enjoy unparalleled culinary experiences in new and interesting environments

• New designer boutiques featuring top designer names

And, because Celebrity believes holidays should be effortless from start to finish, Wi-Fi, drinks and service charges are now “Always Included” in every purchase, “everything is taken care of”’ to life. This fearure will be new to most of you who have cruised with Celebrity before.

Royal Caribbean Deploys Anthem of the Seas To The UK

Anthem of the Seas | Cruise Ships | Royal Caribbean Cruises
Royal Caribbean’s Anthem of the Seas is one of their family ships

At the same time, Royal Caribbean is bringing Anthem of the Seas to the UK this summer to run on domestic cruises. . The ship will sail from Southampton from July 15 on a series of 5- to 8-night itineraries visiting destination that will include Liverpool, Kirkwall and Belfast. Fares from £1,279 per person for7 days.

These cruises will be available to UK residents who are fully vaccinated against Covid-19 and those under the age of 18 with negative test results. The ship will sail with a fully vaccinated crew.

Princess Cruises Offers All-Inclusive UK-Based Cruising

We are pleased to announce that Princess Cruises’ new “Summer Seacation “short breaks and week-long cruises, around the UK aboard Regal Princess and Sky Princess, are on sale now. These ships will offer cruises from Southampton, with stops in UK ports-of-call including Liverpool, Belfast and Greenock, and itineraries ranging from 3 to 7 nights.

Five of these cruises will include ports of call. Fares given below are all-inclusive per person for two in a double occupancy balcony cabin from Southampton:
September 1 (4 nights), Regal Princess, balconies from £599. Sail Wednesday, spend Friday in Belfast, return Sunday morning
September 9 (7 nights), Regal Princess, balconies from £999. Sail Thursday, spend Sunday in Belfast, Monday in LIverpool, return Thursday morning
September 16 (7 nights), Regal Princess, balconies from £999. Sail Thursday, spend Monday in Belfast, return Thursday morning
September 22 (6 nights), Sky Princess, balconies from £999. Sail Wednesday, spend Friday in Glasgow, Saturday in Belfast, return Tuesday morning
September 23 (7 nights), Regal Princess, balconies from £999. Sail Wednesday, spend Friday in Belfast, return Sunday morning
New “Summer Seacation” Cruises from Southampton. All-inclusive balcony cruises from £599 per person – plus £50 pp low deposit.
On offer now: All-inclusive cruises fares include Premier Drinks Package, unlimited Wi-Fi and on board gratuities! Book today with a £50 pp low deposit – offer ends May 3, 2021.

The Cruise People very much look forward to being able to serve you again, so please call or email to enquire about the latest availabilities and to discuss your next unforgettable and well-deserved holiday voyage. From ultra-luxury cruising to polar and expedition voyages, Transatlantic sailings and freighter travel we’ve got you covered and can’t wait to welcome you on board one of your favourite ships soon.

Ask us about UK cruising from Southampton on board the all-inclusive Celebrity Silhouette, Regal Princess and Sky Princess or the family ship Anthem of the Seas

The Cruise People Ltd, London W1H 1QT

Enuire here:

T: +44 (0)20 7723 2450 Freephone: 0800 526 313  US Toll free: 1-800 516 69508

Valentine’s Day In Times Of Coronavirus And Lockdowns – Here’s To Life And Love!

One word frees us of all the weight and pain of life: that word is Love” – Sophocles.

Image result for romantic couple pn cruise

As Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, we are once again reminded of our very frustrating and harsh current reality. Unfortunately, this year there will be no romantic outings, no dining out, no shows and no voyages taking place, as the world still battles the cruel and unpredictable global pandemic. However, despite the doom and gloom around us and the somber and reflective mood we find ourselves in, let’s try and make this year’s at home Valentine’s Day celebrations-particularly special, memorable and uplifting. So, ladies and gentlemen, wherever you are in the world and no matter what your present relationship status is, I invite you to join me on Sunday 14th February to lift a glass of your favourite tipple to the two most important and precious gifts any of us can ask for- to Life and to Love. As we do so, let’s also pause for a moment to remember our loved ones as well as all those around the world who sadly lost their lives to this brutal pandemic and are no longer with us. So let’s all make this Sunday’s celebration not just about romantic love, but also about life and love for humanity in general, because there is no better or more important time for love, kindness and generosity than now. We are a global village and we’re in this together. So, from my heart to yours, wishing you a happy, healthy and magical Valentine’s Day.

Image result for celebrity apex
Why not take your special valentine on a luxury cruise in 2022? For example, the brand-new Celebrity Apex departs Fort Lauderdale on 12th February on a 7-night voyage to San Juan, Puerto Rico; St Thomas, US Virgin Islands and and St Kitts, from £1,389 incl drinks, WiFi and tips. Longer cruises also available. Apply to The Cruise People for more details

The Cruise People Team and I are very much looking forward to welcoming you on board one of our ultra-modern ships for Valentine’s Day 2022. In the meantime, please stay well, safe and happy. Here’s to Life, to Love and to fabulous new adventures to come!  

Anna M. Iwata, The Cruise People’s Life, Happiness and Wellness Coach

IF YOU WISH TO HAVE A CHAT WITH ANNA AND BOOK A FREE SESSION, SHE CAN BE CONTACTED by email at: or by phone: +44 (0)7531 551 323. Anna offers a free 60-minute session to all fellow Cruise People customers and friends.

Enjoy The Ultimate Sailing Experience: A Transatlantic Crossing With Star Clippers – Las Palmas To St Maarten £1,391 pp (November 2020) and St Maarten to Malaga £1,437 pp (March 2021)


As featured in an article in last weekend’s Telegraph Cruise Supplement by Jeannine Williamson, Star Clippers provides tall ship sailings that glide across the waves allowing guests to immerse in activities, amenities and an atmosphere similar to those of a private yacht.

Guests are invited to relax and enjoy sailing across the Atlantic Ocean. The Star Clippers eam will lead lectures, and hands-on sessions so guests can learn more about sailing – from the art of knot tying, navigation or climbing up the mast to the crow’s nest for a birds-eye view.

Later in the day enjoy a cocktail in the Tropical Bar, revel in a book while curled up in the corner of the library, savour a rejuvenating spa treatment or simply socialise on the top deck with the wind in your hair.

Call The Cruise People Ltd in London on 020 7723 2450 or email for more details.

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Transatlantic Westbound
Departs 20th November 2020
15-nights aboard Star Flyer
Visiting: Las Palmas (Canary Islands, Spain) | San Sebastian (La Gomera, Spain) | At Sea (12 nights) | Philipsburg (St. Maarten)
Cruise only price includes 15-nights full board sailing with Star Flyer, 20% Early Booking Discount* and port charges
From £1,391pp
Solo occupancy cabin from £2,039
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Transatlantic Eastbound
Departs 27th March 2021
20-nights aboard Star Flyer
Visiting: Philipsburg (St. Maarten) | At Sea (12 nights) | Ponta Delgada Azores (Portugal) | At Sea (6 nights) | Malaga (Spain)
Cruise only price includes 20-nights full board sailing with Star Flyer, 20% Early Booking Discount* and port charges
From £1,437pp
Solo occupancy cabin from £2,113
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We are delighted to inform you that Star Clippers has won the Best Small Cruise Line award at the Luxury Magazine Readers Travel Awards for 2019. Thank you for your love and support. As always, we thank you for your continued loyalty!
We are pleased to announce that Royal Clipper has been placed at number 6 within the Top Ten rating ships in the Boutique Ship category of the 2020 Berlitz Cruising and Cruise Guide.
Offering intimate sailings to beautiful ports of call, often untouched by larger cruise liners, Star Clippers small ship sailings are an unforgettable experience.
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Two More Great Lakes Sailings From Amsterdam/IJmuiden For 2019, Plus An Eastbound Sailing From Montreal to Ghent.

Polish Steamship Company have announced that there will be two more sailings this year from IJmuiden. Destination ports will be Cleveland, Ohio, and Burns Harbor, Indiana and full service details and passage fares are available here. Both vessels feature an Owners Cabin on the Bridge Deck plus double and single cabins.

isaDue to arrive IJmuiden between 21-29.10 is the mv ISA (above) – to load a cargo of steel, likely departure early November.

Due to arrive IJmuiden between 04-12/11 is the mv ISADORA – to load a cargo of steel and depart  in second half November.

SOLINAMeanwhile, sailing in the other direction from Montreal on 29.10.19 is the mv SOLINA (above), with a full cargo of wheat bound from Duluth to the Belgian port of Ghent.

For pasenger bookings please call Miri Lopusna at The Cruise People Ltd in London, on +44 (0)20 7723 2450 or email


1.L/can 21-29/10 – mv ISA – tbc

2.L/can   4-12/11 – mv ISADORA – tbc

Norwegian Joy Christened For China Trade – Fram To Sail Atlantic Canada & New England Waters – Cruiseco’s Ex-UK Music Cruises

The Cruise Examiner for 3rd July 2017

Norwegian Joy with go-kart race track

The two-deck high Ferrari-branded racetrack can clearly be seen aft of the funnel on the new China-dedicated Norwegian Joy

Last week, in Shanghai, Norwegian Cruise Line christened its first purpose-designed cruise ship for the China market, the “Breakaway Plus” class Norwegian Joy, or Xǐ Yuè Hoo in Chinese. With a Ferrari-branded go-kart racetrack on board, this ship offers a number of new attractions for the Chinese market. Elsewhere, Hurtigruten has announced a half dozen Atlantic Canada and New England cruises that include Newfoundland and the Gulf of St Lawrence for Spring 2018 in its 318-berth Fram. These waters were cruised a century ago by Bowring’s Red Cross Line. And, after its successes with music cruises in Australia, Cruiseco continues to grow with a series of UK music cruises from UK ports.

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Grimaldi Lines Announces 12% Reduction For Europe – South America Departures In May And June 2017

Grande Francia

The Grande Francia and sister ships carry twelve passengers each

Grimaldi Lines in Naples has announced that for departures in May and June only, on the South America line, Antwerp/Hamburg/Tilbury – Montevideo/Brazil ports – Antwerp/Hamburg/Tilbury, and for full round voyages, a special reduction of 12% will be granted off passenger fares. This reduction does not apply to passages to and from Dakar.Grimaldi Lines South Atlantic routes

The full rotation of ports is Tilbury – Antwerp – Hamburg – Dakar – Vitoria – Rio de Janeiro – Santos – Paranagua – Montevideo – Santos – Rio de Janeiro – Vitoria – Dakar – Tilbury. Passenger vehicles are also accepted, but to and from Montevideo only.

Six ships are employed on this run, the 56,700-ton Grande Amburgo, Grande Brasil, Grande Buenos Aires, Grand Francia, Grand Nigeria and Grande San Paolo. Built in 2002-03, these sister ships carry up Grande Amburgo deck planto twelve passengers each in one Owners Cabin with double bed and separate dayroom, three outside cabins with twin beds and two inside cabins with upper and lower berths, all en suite. There is also a small gym and passengers dine with the officers.

For further details on any Grimaldi Lines voyage please call Miri Lopusna at The Cruise People Ltd in London on +44 (0)20 7723 2450 or email

Celebrate Christmas 2018 On Board The New Celebrity Edge In The Caribbean: Fort Lauderdale To St Maarten, St Thomas And Nassau

Celebrity Edge aeriel

Aeriel view of the Resort Deck forward and Roof Garden aft of the Celebrity Edge

Cruise in the new 2,900-berth 117,000-ton Celebrity Edge from Fort Lauderdale to St Maarten, St Thomas and Nassau, departing for 7 nights on December 23, 2018.

Cruise-only fares start from £1,444 person in an inside cabin, £1,804 in an outside or £2,014 in a balcony cabin, and include port charges, government fees and gratuities. Book an Oceanview stateroom or above and be rewarded with a free Classic Drinks Package.

Celebrity Edge

For further details please call The Cruise People Ltd in London on +44 (0)20 7723 2450 or email