China Cruise Market Could Shrink 15% In 2018 – Two Megaships Now Planned For Alaska – Caspian Sea Cruise Ship Agreement

The Cruise Examiner for 1st January 2018

Peter the Great - artist's impression, courtesy CruiseMapper

The 300-berth cruise ship Peter the Great is being built in Astrakhan to cruise the Caspian Sea

Observers of cruising in China have been speculating that the market is becoming overtonnaged and these observations have been followed more recently by announcements of ship transfers to other markets. Last Thursday, Tom Hancock gave probably the best summary to date of elements that are affecting the China market in The Financial Times. Meanwhile, as a result of the softness in the China market, two fairly new megaships that weer noit planned for Alaska will be finding their way there over the next year or two. Elsewhere, Russian and Azerbaijani cruise companies have come to an agreement to operate the 300-berth Peter the Great as the first of a number of ships to cruise the Caspian Sea and adjoining waterways

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