All Change On CMA CGM Europe-Australia Cargo-Passenger Routes

CMA CGM Chopin trades to Australia

The 10-passenger CMA CGM Chopin has now moved with her four sister ships to trade between Singapore and Australia.

In April 2016, we announced six new ships, five from CMA CGM, the 10-passenger CMA CGM Bellini and her sister ships CMA CGM Chopin, Mozart, Puccini and Rossini and one from NSB, the 7-passenger MSC Monterey, for the Europe-Australia route from London Gateway via Suez to Australian ports. The CMA CGM ships were assigned to the North Europe Mediterranean Oceania Express (Nemo) service and the NSB ship to MSC’s Australia Express.

Nemo rotation

Now, fifteen months later, everything is changing again, with the five CMA CGM ships switching to Australian National Line’s weekly Asia Australia Express (AAX) between Singapore, Port Kelang and Australian ports. Three 5-passenger NSB ships have replaced the five that are moving to AAX. The NSB ships to join the Nemo service at London Gateway are the Conti Lyon, which sailed on July 19, the Buxcliff on August 16, and the Conti Paris on September 6. Each offers an Owners cabin, a double cabin and a single cabin.

Conti Paris

NSB’s 5-passenger Conti Paris is replacing CMA CGM Chopin on the Nemo service between Europe and Australia

Sailing dates from London Gateway are as follows:  Conti Lyon July 19 & October 18, 2017, and January 17, 2018; Buxcliff August 16 & November 15, 2017, and February 16, 2018; Conti Paris on September 6 & December 6, 2017, and March 7, 2018. With Conti Paris taking CMA CGM Chopin‘s position in the string, NSB ships have replaced all the CMA CGM ships in the Europe-Australia passenger trade.

London to Sydney on the Nemo service is 44 days. This compares with Le Havre to Port Kelang in 26 days on French Asia Line 1 and Port Kelang to Sydney in 15 days on the AAX service, or 41 days on board plus shore stay at Port Kelang. Port Kelang to Fremantle is six days less than Sydney, so about 35 days on board plus shore stay.

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Liverpool-Philadelphia Cargo-Passenger Service Now Offered Three Weeks Out Of Four With the Arrival of Spring

Independent VoyagerThis winter, the North Atlantic passenger service offered by Peter Zylmann Freighter Cruises has been operating with just one ship, the Independent Voyager (left), one of four that operate under charter to the Independent Container Line, with a sailing every 28 days.

Effective this spring, however, the Independent Pursuit and Independent Spirit have once again resumed carrying passengers, so that there is now service from Antwerp and Liverpool three weeks out of four.

The ships generally leave Antwerp on Wednesdays and Liverpool on Saturdays, and ports served in the USA are Chester PA (for Philadelphia) and Wilmington NC. Sailings from Chester take place on Wednesdays and from Wilmington on Fridays.

As only a few cabins are offered one should reserve early for this service. Typical fares for the Liverpool to Chester 10-day voyage are €1398 per person double and €1598 single.

For further details and reservations please call Miri Lopusna at the Cruise People Ltd on +44 (0)20 7723 2450 or e-mail

One-Time Only Singapore-to-Sydney Sailing, 22nd November 2015 By SuperStar Virgo, Starting at £1,325 Inside, £1,853 Outside Cruise Only

SUPER STAR VIRGOOverland travellers to Australia now have a hard tme finding a link by sea from Singapore. But this year Star Cruises is scheduling a once-only voyage from Singapore to Sydney in November by the SuperStar Virgo, with arrival at Sydney on Wednesday, December 9, well in time for Christmas. The full itinerary for this cruise follows:

Date           Port           Time
22-Nov-15 Singapore Sail at 2000
24-Nov-15 Jakarta 0800-2000
25-Nov-15 Cruising Krakatoa 0400-0600
28-Nov-15 Geraldton, WA 1100-1900
29-Nov-15 Fremantle, WA 0800-1800
30-Nov-15 Albany, WA 1300-2100
03-Dec-15 Adelaide 0800-2200
05-Dec-15 Melbourne arrives 0800
06-Dec-15 Melbourne sails 0500
07-Dec-15 Tasmania 0900-2300
09-Dec-15 Arrives Sydney 0700

Fares (including port charges)

17 Nights Singapore to Sydney
Inside £1,325 per person double, £1,853 single
Outside £1,640 per person double, £2,325 single
Balcony £1,890 per person double, £2,700 single

Option 1: It is also possible to join in Hong Kong on 15th November 2015, sailing by way of Sanya (Hainan) in China and Da Nang and Ho Ch Minh City in Vietnam, with through fares as follows:

24 Nights Hong Kong to Sydney
Inside £1,836 per person double, £2,581 single
Outside £2,276 per person double, £3,241 single
Balcony £2,631 per person double, £3,774 single

CMA CGM Magellan 2Option 2: An unusal sea travel connection is available from Europe, on board the 150,269-ton British-flag container ship CMA CGM Magellan departing Le Havre Thursday 15th October and arriving Port Kelang, Malaysia, 16th November 2015. Dine with the officers, wine included with lunch and dinner, swimming pool and gym, you may also visit the bridge. One stop at Jeddah en route but no shore leave. Time spent ashore betwen Port Kelang and Singapore is at traveller’s expense. The fares for this voyage, including port charges are:

31 Nights Le Havre to Port Kelang
Outside £2,345 per person double, £2,580 single

Note: The Singapore to Sydney voyage will be offered exclusively by Cruiseco in 2016 using Royal Caribbean’s brand-new 168,666-ton Ovation of the Seas, departing Singapore 30th November and arriving Sydney 15th December 2016. This will be part of the vessel’s maiden voyage to Australia. Please ask for further details.


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Passage to India: Cargo-Passenger Route Between UK And Sri Lanka Provided Indirect Sea Route To India – Now To/From North America


The CMA CGM Titus can accommodate up to seven passengers in three double cabins and one single

Note: The Europe-Colombo service ended with the demise of Hanjin Lines and there is no connection to or from Europe at present. From North America, CMA CGM runs Halifax – New York – Norfolk – Savannah – (Suez Canal) – Port Kelang – Singapore – Jakarta – Laem Chebang – Vung Tau – Los Angeles – Oakland – Hong Kong – Yantian – Vung Tau – Singapore – Port Kelang – Colombo – (Suez Canal) – Halifax. The quickest transits are 26 days Oakland to Colombo and 20 days Colombo to Halifax. There are ten passenger-carrying ships on this route.Hanjin Boston

We were previously able to offer regular sailings between Felixstowe and Colombo on board NSB’s Hanjin Boston (above) and Hanjin Yantian, which could carry up to ten passengers each, but the line went out if business.

The full round voyage was 70 days and Felixstowe to Colombo was 27 days via European ports (Le Havre to Colombo was 21 days) while Colombo to Felixstowe was 19 days non-stop.

Since Indian immigration banned passengers from travelling to or from India by cargo ship, Colombo is the next best way to get there by sea. Although Sri Lanka is close to India the last attempt at a ferry service between Colombo and Tuticorin by the Scotia Prince failed a couple of years ago. So passengers still have to fly the last bit from or to Colombo when travelling to or from India.

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New Cargo-Passenger Service Between Genoa and Vancouver via the Panama Canal – Two Single Cabins Available – 77-day Round Trip

Cap Jackson © Marine TrafficUpdate 01.11.14:  Hamburg-Süd’s 50,270-ton deadweight container ship Cap Jackson has been assigned to a new cargo-passenger route between Genoa, Fos-sur-Mer, Barcelona and Valencia, by way of Cartagena and the Panama Canal, to Manzanillo, Los Angeles, Oakland, Tacoma and Vancouver. She then returns from Vancouver via Portland, Oakland, Los Angeles and Manzanillo, by way of Panama again, Cartagena and Caucedo, to Lisbon, Tangier, Valencia, Cagliari, Livorno and Genoa. The round voyage takes 77 days while the voyage from Barcelona to Vancouver is 34 days and Vancouver back to Genoa is 40 days. Built in 2010, and sailing from Barcelona this morning (01.11.14) on her way to Vancouver, the Cap Jackson has two single cabins. Fares begin at €6,850 for the round voyage (€7,235 in the Owners single), and €3,195 for the one-way trip from Barcelona to Vancouver (€3,365 in the Owners). Air-conditioned with elevator, both cabins have views to the side of the ship (so no container stow in the way) and age limits are 6 to 79 maximum. This voyage can also be turned into part of a round-the-world routing by linking up with CMA CGM’s Columbus Loop service to the Far East and New York via Suez.

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Grimaldi Lines Announce Their Cargo-Passenger Line-Up For 2014

Grimaldi Lines shipsUPDATE 10.11.14: All South America service ships are now calling Montevideo and passenger bookings are being accepted – see our contact details below.

Grimaldi Lines have made a number of changes to their South Atlantic services over the past year, while the Mediterranean services have been less affected. One important change is that Grimaldi now accepts passengers once more for Brazil. Each Grimaldi ship carries twelve passengers in an array of Owners, outside and inside cabins. Here is a recap of the plans for 2014:

SOUTH AMERICA SERVICE Grimaldi’s South American itineraries are now divided into two loops and there have been changes in ships – basically the former Uruguayn ships will not serve Brazil and vice versa, meaning there will be more outside cabins available on the Uruguayan Loop:

Uruguay Loop (North Europe – Montevideo and vice versa) with the Grande Amburgo, Grande Nigeria and Grande San Paolo from Tilbury for Hamburg, Antwerp, Le Havre, Dakar, Santos, Zarate, Montevideo, Vitoria and Dakar, thence Tilbury. These ships are equipped with one Owners outside cabin, three standard outsides and two inside cabins. Only for passengers travelling with a vehicle. Departures every 15 days. Round voyages are not available

Brazil Loop (North Europe – Brazil and vice versa) with the Grande Costa D’Avorio, Grande Senegal and Grande Cameroon from Tilbury for Hamburg, Antwerp, Le Havre, Dakar, Freetown, Vitoria, Rio de Janeiro, Santos, Paranagua and Dakar, and return to Tilbury (53 days). These vessels have more inside cabins. Only for passengers travelling without a vehicle Departures every 15 days. Full round voyages are available

WEST AFRICA SERVICE New itinerary from Tilbury to Antwerp, Cotonou, Lagos, Abidjan and return via Hamburg and Amsterdam to Tilbury (33 days). At the moment Grimaldi is not accepting bookings to or from Dakar or between Africa and South America

EURO-MED & EURO-AEGEAN SERVICES No changes here. Part voyages possible.

Euro-Med: Weekly sailings from Southampton to Salerno, Piraeus, Izmir, Alexandria, Limassol, Ashdod, Salerno (2nd call), Savona, Setubal, Bristol, Cork, Esbjerg, Wallhamn and Antwerp to Southampton (35 days).

Euro-Aegean: Frequent sailings from Southampton to Flushing, Antwerp, Bristol, Setubal, Valencia, Livorno, Civitavecchia, Salerno, Piraeus, Gemlik, Yenikoy, Salerno (2nd call), Valencia and Southampton (28 days).

EURO ADRIATIC No Haifa call. Itinerary now Monfalcone, Piraeus, Ashdod, Izmir, Gemlik, Ravenna, Koper and Monfalcone (14 days).

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The Southampton to New York Run – Other Cruise News: Un-Cruise Revives A Legacy – How Will P&O’s Britannia Turn Out?

THE CRUISE EXAMINER at by Kevin Griffin

The Cruise Examiner for 25th November 2013..

Royal Caribbean International’s new 177,000-ton 4,180-berth Quantum of the Seas will depart Southampton on November 2, 2014, for an 8-night crossing to New York

The North Atlantic run from Southampton to New York has been that ocean’s prime route since the White Star Line first transferred its express operation there in 1909. Cunard, busy experimenting with Fishguard before the First World War intervened in 1914, did not follow until 1919. Now, a number of other ships offer occasional opportunities on this same route, but usually just from delivery voyages from north European shipyards. In the US, meanwhile, Un-Cruise Adventures has recently introduced its eighth ship, the 88-passenger s.s. Legacy. Finally, we look at a couple of forecasts of what features may be included in P&O’s new Britannia, to be delivered in 2015.

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French Line CMA CGM Revives Its North Atlantic Passenger Service With Two Ships Between the US East Coast and the Mediterranean

Photo of CMA CGM Coral, which carries up to six passengers is  courtesy of ChasB

French liner operator CMA CGM has recently revived its Trans-Atlantic passenger trade between Europe and the United States by placing the six-passenger CMA CGM Coral and seven-passenger CMA CGM Jamaica into its Amerigo Express service between the Mediterranean and US East Coast ports.

Depending which ships have been on the run, passengers have been carried on the Amerigo Express service on and off since 2003, thus marking the revival of a service that had come to an end almost two decades before. The French Line’s North Atlantic passenger service had closed in 1985 with the retirement of the Atlantic Champagne and Atlantic Cognac, container ships that carried four passengers each. These two had maintained a limited passenger service since the 1974 withdrawal of the French Line’s famous s.s. France. The 1,035-foot France, the world’s longest passenger ship, was eventually, in 2004, overtaken by Cunard Line’s 1,132-foot Queen Mary 2, a ship that not incidentally was built in the same French shipyard that had delivered the France in 1962.

Ports served by the CMA CGM Coral and CMA CGM Jamaica include Livorno, Genoa, Fos-sur-Mer, Barcelona, Valencia and Malaga in Europe and New York, Norfolk and Savannah in the United States, with a return to Livorno and Genoa by way of Algeciras and Malta, for a full round voyage of 42 days.

The CMA CGM Coral carries six passengers in two double and two single cabins and CMA CGM Jamaica seven in three doubles and one single cabin. Fares for both ships are €110 per person per day for double occupancy or for the single cabins and €120 per day for sole use of a double cabin. The fare for the full round voyage is therefore €4,620 (about £3,975 or $6,290). The ship features an indoor swimming pool, gymnasium and library and passengers take breakfast in their own lounge and lunch and dinner together with the officers. Complimentary French table wine (“Chateau Paquebot”) is served with lunch and dinner.

As CMA CGM is not signatory to the European/US visa waiver schemes, non-US and Canadian citizens need a full US visa to enter the USA on this service.

Passenger bookings on the CMA CGM Coral and CMA CGM Jamaica can be made through The Cruise People Ltd in London, England, at +44 (0)20 7723 2450 or e-mail

Hanjin Palermo’s Regular Montreal-Mediterranean Cargo-Passenger Service To End November 2012

Editor’s Note: This Montreal-Med service  ended in late 2012 when the ship was moved to another trade. This means no service from Canada other than Trans-Pacific ships serving Vancouver. If service re-appears we will post it here.

For the past couple of years travellers have been unable to book passage between Europe and Canada and have had to travel via US ports. But between April and November 2012 space was available for eight passengers on the NSB vessel Hanjin Palermo.

The 45,625 deadweight ton Hanjin Palermo accommodated up to eight passengers in an Owners cabin and two double cabins plus two single cabins for sole travellers.  The vessel is equipped with an indoor pool and fitness room as well as lounge and video/tv room. Meals are taken with the officers.

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