The Cruise Examiner for 30th January 2012: Goodbye Los Angeles, Seattle & New York, Hello Miami, Vancouver and Barcelona – Other Cruise News: Royal Caribbean and Xiamen Cruise Ship – Weddings on UK-Flag Ships – Lyubov Orlova Finally Sold


          by Kevin Griffin

     The Cruise Examiner for 30th January 2012

A big change in its 2013 itineraries was announced last week when Disney Cruise Line said it would move its Disney Wonder from her present Los Angeles base at the end of 2012 to Miami, while at the same time dropping Seattle in 2013 in order to return to her original Alaska cruise base at Vancouver. As well, the Disney Magic, which is due to cruise from New York this summer, will return to Europe in 2013, where she will cruise the Mediterranean. Elsewhere, as Royal Caribbean’s Voyager of the Seas prepares to cruise from Shanghai this year, Royal Caribbean continues its involvement as an advisor to China World Cruises. Back in the UK, shipping minister Mike Penning is investigating how weddings at sea could yet be offered on British ships. And the former Russian ship Lyubov Orlova is said to be sold to Caribbean buyers after sixteen months’ detention at St John’s, Newfoundland.

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