French Asia Line 23 Comes To Felixstowe With Passenger Space To Malaysia, China And Vietnam, And Fast Return From Malaysia

CMA CGM La Perouse inaugurates new Suez Canal

The CMA CGM La Perouse inaugurating the new channel in the Suez Canal on August 6, 2015, with flags of Egypt and France

News has come this week that the new French Asia Line 23 (a combination of the old French Asia Line 2 and French Asia Line 3)  will run from Felixtsowe in the UK, while French Asia Line 2 had formerly departed from Southampton.

First sailing on this route will be by the CMA CGM La Perouse (above), departung Felixstowe on October 4, followed by the CMA CGM Magellan on October 16.On the latter sailing we are able to link passengers to the SuperStar Virgo for Australia. SuperStar Virgo departs Singapore on November 23, five days after CMA CGM La Perouse arrives in Port Kelang, and is scheduled to arrive at Sydney on December 9.

On the new French Asia Line 23 service, calls will be made at Rotterdam and Le Havre before leaving Europe for Port Kelang, the port for Kuala Lumpur (31 days from Felixstowe), and Chiwan, a Shenzhen port very near Hong Kong (38 days from Felixstowe). Further calls are made at Shanghai, Ningbo and Yantian in China and finally Vung Tau in Vietnam before the ship returns to Port Kelang for an outbound call before heading back to Europe.

Inbound European calls are made at Le Havre, Rotterdam, Antwerp and Hamburg before returning to Felixstowe. The full round voyage is 84 days and transit time from Port Kelang to Felixstowe is 29 days (or just 20 days Port Kelang to Le Havre, first call in Europe).

Four of the twelve ships engaged in this service, CMA CGM Aquila, CMA CGM La Perouse, CMA CGM Magellan and CMA CGM Titan, will carry passengers on the new route, accommodating up to ten passengers each in five double or twin cabins. Passengers dine with the officers and have access to a swimming pool, gym and passenger lounge, as well as being able to visit the bridge by invitation.

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