NSB’s Hanjin Boston Reinstates Cargo-Passenger Service Between California And The Mediterranean Via The Far East And Suez

Hanjin BostonNotice: No further passenger service is offered on any Hanjin route.

NSB Freighter Cruises have once again introduced cargo-passenger service on the Hanjin Lines service between Italy, the Far East and California, with a full round voyage of 112 days. La Spezia to Long Beach is 54 days and Piraeus to Long Beach is 42 days, while Oakland to Piraeus is 50 days and Oakland to La Spezia is 53 days. Other routes are also available, e.g. Trans-Pacific or Europe-Far East. This reinstates direct connections between Europe and the US West Coast.

The 92,984-ton Hanjin Boston carries a maximum of ten passengers in two Owners, two Double and two Single cabins, and each ship is equipped with an indoor swimming pool.

Rotation is La Spezia – Genoa (day 2) – Barcelona (day 5) – Valencia (day 7) – Piraeus (day 12) – Suez Canal (day 15) – Singapore (day 30) – Baria Vung Tau (day 32) – Hong Kong (day 36) – Shanghai (day 39) – Pusan (day 42) – Long Beach (day 54) – Oakland (day 59) – Pusan (day 79) – Qingdao (day 82) – Shanghai-Yangshan (day 84) – Ningbo (day 85) – Hong Kong (day 88) – Yantian (day 89) – Nansha (day 90) – Singapore  (day 94) – Suez – Piraeus (day 109) – La Spezia (day 112).
Fares are €95 per person per day in the Owners (€110 per day for sole use) or €85 to 90 per person per day in the Double cabin (€100-105 per day for sole use) and €85 per day for the Single cabin. Port taxes and deviation insurance are extra at €85 and €160, respectively).
For details on other routes please call Miri Lopusna at The Cruise People Ltd in London on 020 7723 2450 or e-mail cruise@cruisepeople.co.uk.

Round-the-World Cruise People Freighter Client (Seattle to New York) Interviewed by Another Cruise People Client (Piraeus to Hong Kong)

Last summer, Athens-based repeat Cruise People customer Bex Hall, who had earlier sailed in one of the last banana boats to carry passengers, travelled from Piraeus to Hong Kong in the NSB container ship Hanjin Boston. Bex posted her experiences on her blog, an excerpt of which can be found here.

Whether by coincidence, by serendipity or by Google, Minnesota-based David Riggs happened upon Bex’s blog and also onto a piece on our own blog that mentioned a unique round-the-world routing between Seattle and New York or vice-versa, available through CMA CGM.

https://i1.wp.com/www.cybercruises.com/images/CMA_CGM_World_Cruises.jpgOnce bitten by Bex’s posting, David got really interested and contacted us to arrange a voyage of his own, which he set out on last autumn on another container ship, the CMA CGM La Scala. sailing round the world from Seattle across the Pacific and the China Seas, through the Mediterranean and across the Atlantic back to New York.

Although both Bex and David passed through the Suez and the Mediterranean on their respective voyages, about the only port call they actually had in common was Hong Kong. You will find Bex’s interview with David, and David’s deep reaction to the experience here at Bex’s blog.

Anyone wanting to experience the same thing or similar need only contact our freighter specialist Miri Lopusna at The Cruise People Ltd in London and we will soon have you set to go to sea. There are now 300 passenger-carrying cargo ships on the world’s seas, accepting pasengers for as few as eight or as many as 112 days. For further details call us on +44 (0)20 7723 2450 or e-mail us at cruise@cruisepeople.co.uk.

With thanks to both Bex Hall and David Riggs.