Cruising With A Mission – Other Cruise News: World Cruise Markets – The West Coast Of South America By Small Ship

THE CRUISE EXAMINER at by Kevin Griffin

The Cruise Examiner for 15th June 2015

Grenfell hooked mat

This hooked mat from the Labrador coast is typical of those sold to passengers on Grenfell Labrador Cruises in the 1930s. They were woven from silk stockings donated to the Grenfell Mission and generated a new source of income for women of the coast.

Last week came the news of Carnival Corp & plc’s new fathom brand and its project to introduce social impact cruising. This week, while nothing outstrips fathom’s plans in sheer terms of scale, we look at other efforts, both in the past, such as the Grenfell Labrador cruises of the 1930s, and now, such as the free “You care, We care” shore excursions offered by Crystal Cruises. Elsewhere, the Cruise Industry News Annual Report is now available so we take a quick look at how world cruise markets have fared in recent years. Finally, G Adventures has announced a new 38-day odyssey along South America’s west Coast in the spring of 2016.

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