Have A Good Look At A Really Beautiful Ship:- Ponant’s New Le Lyrial

Le LyrialHave a look at a really beautifal ship, Ponant’s new Le Lyrial – click on the link below for more:

Le Lyrial, a new and exceptional yacht

The fourth ship of the recent quartet built for Ponant Yacht Cruises at Fincantieri’s Ancona shipyard, Le Lyrial differs slightly from her sisters in that she has only 122 suites and staterooms while the earlier ships have 132. Ten suites on the new ship have been doubled in size, bringing the total number of passengers down slightly.

Le Lyrial promenadeHave a good look at this quality product. There are lots of things to watch and lots of things to listen to, as well as 360° visits to different areas of the ship. Click through the link above, scroll down and enjoy yourself with this special website just for Le Lyrial.

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