Two New Cruise Ports For Italy? – Other Cruise News: Manhattan Pier To Be Adapted for Norwegian Breakaway – Louis Cruises Goes Back to Greek Roots – Fred. Olsen Outlaws Agent Rebates


          by Kevin Griffin

     The Cruise Examiner for 26th March 2012

As Italian ports break beyond 10 million cruise visitors annually, local port authorities have not only been looking at the opening of new cruise piers, but also adding new cruise ports. We have a preliminary look this week at the cases of Fiumicino, near Rome, and Port of Stabia, near Naples. In New York, meanwhile, the Manhattan Cruise Terminal will undergo some modifications in preparation for greeting the Norwegian Breakaway in April 2013, when she arrives from Southampton to become the largest New York-based year-round cruise ship. Elsewhere, Louis Cruises has announced that it is going back to its Greek routes to become a specialist in the eastern Mediterranean. And Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines announces that it will punish agents who rebate from their commission rather than those who manage to hold on to most of it and give a good service, as was the case last year with P&O, Princess and Cunard.

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