New Expedition Company in the Costa Rica to Ecuador Range – Other Cruise News: One Ocean Plans Two Northwest Passage Transits This Summer – Keewatin Casts Off For Canada Tomorrow


          by Kevin Griffin

     The Cruise Examiner for 18th June 2012

This week we report on Sea Voyager Expeditions, a new expedition company that will offer departures to Colombia, Panama, Ecuador and Costa Rica. The ship they will be using is the 60-guest Sea Voyager, which once worked for Lindblad. Far from the tropics, in the Canadian Arctic, four ships will be offering transits of the Northwest Passage in 2013, but One Ocean Expeditions is planning to operate two such passages this summer between Kangerlussuaq and Coppermine, in the Canadian Arctic, with the Akademik Ioffe. And today The Cruise Examiner crosses the Atlantic to join the 105-year-old former Canadian Pacific passenger ship Keewatin for the last leg of her voyage back to her old base in Canada.

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Un-Cruise Adventures Purchases Sea Voyager Expeditions’s 64-guest Sea Voyager for Sea of Cortes and Central America Programs

Note: 05.03.13 – Vessel has now been purchased by Un-Cruise Adventures of Seattle, who will rename her Safari Voyager for their Sea of Cortes and Central America cruise programs.

New expedition cruise company Sea Voyager Expeditions Ltd of Nassau, has announced that it will operate to a new cruising area – with ten different itineraries through Colombia, Panama, Ecuador and Costa Rica. Guests will travel on the 1,195-ton expedition-style Sea Voyager, a ship that is perfect for exploring and has been completely renovated inside and out in the past year.  To avoid confusion, this is not the ship of the same name that is operated by  International Shipping Partners and was used in relief work in Haiti, but the one that was built by Chesapeake Shipbuilding in 1982 and operated originally for American Cruise Lines and later for Lindblad Expeditions.

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