New Felixstowe-New York-Charleston-Colombia-Portsmouth-Continental Ports Cargo-Passenger service


The Peter Doehle-owned Hammonia Husum carries three passengers on her rounds

Effective with the departures of February 19 and March 19, 2018, we are pleased to be able to offer a new passenger service to the US East Coast and back from Colombia. The passenger service is offered by the Peter Doehle-owned 34,250-ton Hammonia Emden and Hammonia Husum, each capable of carrying 2,556 TEU of containers and three passengers.

Each ship carries passengers in a double Owners Cabin and a Single cabin, sailing from their home port of Hamburg to Rotterdam and Felixstowe, thence New York and Charleston, and on to Turbo and Santa Marta in Colombia to load containerised bananas. The ships then return to Hamburg by way of Portsmouth and Antwerp.

Fares are calculated at €95 per person per day (€110 for sole use of the Owners cabin) plus dues and charges of €383 per passenger. Sample fares are Felixstowe to New York at €1,238 per passenger for 9 days, and Santa Marta, Colombia, to Portsmouth at €1,428 per person for 11 days. The full round voyage at 42 days costs €4,373 per person and the UK to UK voyage, sailing from Felixstowe and back to Portsmouth, costs €3,518 per person for 33 days.

For further details on booking this new voyage please call Miri Lopusna at The Cruise People Ltd in London on +44 (0)20 7723 2450 or e-mail

ACL Announces Weekly Trans-Atlantic Passenger Service: Hamburg-Antwerp-Liverpool-Halifax-New York-Baltimore And Return

Atlantic Star at Liverpool

The 100,430-ton 12-passenger Atlantic Star departing Liverpool for Halifax, New York and Baltimore

The Cruise People Ltd is happy to announce a new cargo-passenger service between Europe and North America with five new ACL vessels called the G4’s. All delivered over the past two years to Grimaldi Lines subsidiary ACL, these ships now offer a weekly fixed day of the week passenger service between Hamburg, Antwerp and Liverpool in Europe and Halifax, New York and Baltimore in North America.

Sample transit times are 9 nights Liverpool to Halifax and 11 nights Liverpool to New York, while in the reverse New York to Liverpool is 14 nights and Halifax to Liverpool 7 nights.

Bookings are open for one-way and round trip departures on the following rotation:-

PORT OF CALL                           DAY

HAMBURG                                        0

ANTWERP                                        3

LIVERPOOL                                      6

HALIFAX                                           15

NEWARK                                          17

BALTIMORE                                      19

PORTSMOUTH                                 21

HALIFAX                                              24

LIVERPOOL                                       31

ACL mess room 6

Passenger meals are taken with the officers in a large airy mess

There will be three fare codes for booking this service: CU1, CU2, CUR, and a €70 per person booking fee. Fares effective January 1, 2019, are as follows.

CU1: departures from Hamburg/Antwerp/Liverpool to Halifax and v.v.

Outside Cabins: €937.50 per passenger, double occupancy, €1,312.50 single occupancy

Owners Cabin: €1,625 per passenger, double occupancy, €2,250 single occupancy

CU2: departures from Hamburg/Antwerp/Liverpool to New York and Baltimore only and v.v.

Outside Cabins: €1,225 per passenger, double occupancy, €1,625 single occupancy

Owners Cabin: €1,875 per passenger, double occupancy, €2,625 single occupancy

CUR: round voyages, Hamburg/Hamburg, Antwerp/Antwerp, Liverpool/Liverpool only

Outside Cabins: €2,625 per passenger, double occupancy, €3,062.50 single occupancy

Owners Cabin: €3,875 per passenger, double occupancy, €4,750 single occupancy

ACL cabin 3

A standard twin cabin on ACL can be booked from €937.50 per person for two.

ACL Owners Lounge

ACL Owners Cabin lounge. Separate bedroom with double bed. Fares from €1,625 per person for two.

The five newly-built vessels operating on this Line are the Atlantic Sail, Atlantic Sea, Atlantic Sky, Atlantic Star and Atlantic Sun. All are registered in Liverpool.

Facilities on each vessel include a gym, TV, movies (DVD), laundry, books, karaoke machine, PlayStation. There is also a sauna on each vessel but not a swimming pool.

ACL is a signatory to the US Visa Waiver Program (VWP) so passengers will be eligible to enter the USA on an ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization) – see notes below *

For further details on booking a voyage with ACL please call Miri Lopusna at The Cruise People Ltd in London on +44 (0)20 7723 2450 or e-mail


  • An ESTA will allow a passenger to stay in the US for 90 days. Fingerprinting is required at the first US port of call. A full visa will allow a passenger to remain in the US until the date designated on the Visa. Again, fingerprinting is required at the first US port of call. Any individuals that are citizens of a VWP country who have traveled to or been present in Iran, Iraq, Sudan, Syria, Libya, Somalia and Yemen on or after March 1, 2011 (with limited exceptions for travel for diplomatic or military purposes in the service of a VWP country) are no longer eligible to travel to the US under VWP and other restrictions apply based on the current government. Authorization by ESTA does not determine whether a traveler is admissible to the United States. US Customs & Border Protection officers determine admissibility upon travellers’ arrival.


French Line CMA CGM Revives Its North Atlantic Passenger Service With Two Ships Between the US East Coast and the Mediterranean

Photo of CMA CGM Coral, which carries up to six passengers is  courtesy of ChasB

French liner operator CMA CGM has recently revived its Trans-Atlantic passenger trade between Europe and the United States by placing the six-passenger CMA CGM Coral and seven-passenger CMA CGM Jamaica into its Amerigo Express service between the Mediterranean and US East Coast ports.

Depending which ships have been on the run, passengers have been carried on the Amerigo Express service on and off since 2003, thus marking the revival of a service that had come to an end almost two decades before. The French Line’s North Atlantic passenger service had closed in 1985 with the retirement of the Atlantic Champagne and Atlantic Cognac, container ships that carried four passengers each. These two had maintained a limited passenger service since the 1974 withdrawal of the French Line’s famous s.s. France. The 1,035-foot France, the world’s longest passenger ship, was eventually, in 2004, overtaken by Cunard Line’s 1,132-foot Queen Mary 2, a ship that not incidentally was built in the same French shipyard that had delivered the France in 1962.

Ports served by the CMA CGM Coral and CMA CGM Jamaica include Livorno, Genoa, Fos-sur-Mer, Barcelona, Valencia and Malaga in Europe and New York, Norfolk and Savannah in the United States, with a return to Livorno and Genoa by way of Algeciras and Malta, for a full round voyage of 42 days.

The CMA CGM Coral carries six passengers in two double and two single cabins and CMA CGM Jamaica seven in three doubles and one single cabin. Fares for both ships are €110 per person per day for double occupancy or for the single cabins and €120 per day for sole use of a double cabin. The fare for the full round voyage is therefore €4,620 (about £3,975 or $6,290). The ship features an indoor swimming pool, gymnasium and library and passengers take breakfast in their own lounge and lunch and dinner together with the officers. Complimentary French table wine (“Chateau Paquebot”) is served with lunch and dinner.

As CMA CGM is not signatory to the European/US visa waiver schemes, non-US and Canadian citizens need a full US visa to enter the USA on this service.

Passenger bookings on the CMA CGM Coral and CMA CGM Jamaica can be made through The Cruise People Ltd in London, England, at +44 (0)20 7723 2450 or e-mail

Hanjin Palermo’s Regular Montreal-Mediterranean Cargo-Passenger Service To End November 2012

Editor’s Note: This Montreal-Med service  ended in late 2012 when the ship was moved to another trade. This means no service from Canada other than Trans-Pacific ships serving Vancouver. If service re-appears we will post it here.

For the past couple of years travellers have been unable to book passage between Europe and Canada and have had to travel via US ports. But between April and November 2012 space was available for eight passengers on the NSB vessel Hanjin Palermo.

The 45,625 deadweight ton Hanjin Palermo accommodated up to eight passengers in an Owners cabin and two double cabins plus two single cabins for sole travellers.  The vessel is equipped with an indoor pool and fitness room as well as lounge and video/tv room. Meals are taken with the officers.

For further details on freighter travel in general please call Miri Lopusna at The Cruise People Ltd in London on 020 7723 2450 or e-mail

Holland America Line: The Rotterdam’s Lanai Staterooms

As part of her commemorative 40th Anniversary Transatlantic voyage from Rotterdam to New York and back this month, Holland America Line’s flagship Rotterdam called in at Southampton yesterday on her way to New York. This voyage celebrates the fact that it was forty years ago that Holland America Line operated its last full schedule of Transatlantic sailings.

Several prospective Holland America clients and cruise agents visited the ship on the event of her call for an inspection and lunch, followed by a brief presentation from the line. We took advantage of the ship’s Southampton visit to meet up with some of our own passengers who had boarded in Rotterdam two days earlier. They are travelling to New York in Rotterdam, then returning to Southampton in the Queen Mary 2 in August. Ninety passengers also embarked at Southampton.

One of the things that Holland America Line is best known for is its wrap-around teak promenade decks, and here you see the port side of Rotterdam‘s. In the foreground, with the full-height silvered sliding door, is one of the ship’s thirty-nine new Lanai staterooms. These were installed in December 2009, in a conversion from outside staterooms that added a full height window and sliding door, not only allowing direct access to the promenade deck but also bringing more light into the cabin than the smaller window it replaced.

Just outside the door of each Lanai stateroom can be found two cushioned steamer chairs – yet another thing for which Holland America is well known. These are reserved for private use by the stateroom’s occupants. While not quite offering the privacy of a veranda cabin, Lanai staterooms are still regarded as a big improvement on the outside cabins that they replaced as they allow easy access to the promenade and fresh sea air. They are now in the process of being installed in both the line’s flagships, Rotterdam and Amsterdam, as well as its four “S” class ships – Maasdam, Ryndam, Statendam and Veendam. The idea came about because of the relative shortage of balconies on these ships compared to Holland America’s newer vessels.

The only shortcoming of these new accommodations, if one does not mind passing strollers and joggers, occurs for other passengers, who now have less access to promenade deck steamer chairs. Beyond the Lanai cabin above, for example, one can count nine publicly-available steamer chairs, but stretching beyond those is a row of Lanai cabins with privately-reserved chairs.

The Rotterdam, which will be based full-time at her home port of Rotterdam from September 2012, will also be offering two longer cruises from Southampton at the end of next year. In November 2012, she will depart on a 32-night round voyage from Southampton to the Caribbean, which will include all three of the Netherlands “ABC” islands – Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao – as well as St Maarten, and also Tortola, St Lucia, Trinidad and Barbados, as well as the Azores out and Madeira on the return. And in January 2013 Rotterdam will sail from Southampton on a 90-day long voyage to the Far East and back via Suez that will feature a two-week in depth exploration of Indonesia, the former Dutch East Indies, as well as India, Malaysia and Singapore.

For further details on Holland America Line cruises and voyages please call The Cruise People Ltd in London on 020 7723 2450 or e-mail