Round the World in m.v. Columbus : 121 Nights From £9,500 per person Outside (£7,500 pp Inside) – Departs London January 5, 2018

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One-Way Voyages Also Available: London to Sydney (50 days) £4,150 pp Outside (£3,240 pp Inside); Sydney to London (71 days) February 24, 2018, £6,255 pp Outside  (£4,775 pp Inside).

Anthem of the Seas To Be Southampton-Based – Insignia To Become 180-Day World Cruiser – P&O Cruises Questions & Answers

THE CRUISE EXAMINER at by Kevin Griffin

The Cruise Examiner for 2nd December 2013..

InsigniaRoyal Caribbean has announced that it will base its second 167,800-ton “Quantum” class cruise ship Anthem of the Seas in the UK from 2015. She will be a fifth larger than P&O Cruises’ new 141,000-ton flagship Britannia, due to debut in the same year. She is Royal Caribbean’s contribution to the head-on-head battle for supremacy in the UK market from Southampton between Royal Caribbean and its Celebrity brand, on the one hand, and Carnival UK, with its P&O and Cunard brands, on the other. Elsewhere, Oceania Cruises has now scheduled two 180-day world cruises for its 30,277-ton Insignia (above), making her a year-round world cruiser. And we have a quick look at what’s happening on P&O Cruises’ blog.

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New US East Coast to West Coast Passenger Route via Suez Canal Retraces Original World Cruise Route of 1909

Colombus LoopThree ships, the CMA CGM Figaro, CMA CGM La Scala and CMA CGM Tosca (shown below), now offer an interesting itinerary between New York and Seattle, as well as Vancouver BC, via the Suez Canal. Known as CMA CGM’s Columbus Loop, the full 112-day round voyage is made via ports in the Far East. Eastbound, ships leave New York via Norfolk and Savannah and sail directly to Tanjung Pelepas, a port in Malaysia located just across the water from Singapore. Calls are then made at Hong Kong, Yantian and Shanghai before proceeding to Pusan, in South Korea, and on to Seattle and Vancouver.

The CMA CGM Tosca and fleetmates now connect New York and Seattle (as well as Vancouver BC) via the Suez Canal and Far East ports. © Kevin Quick

The return voyage is made from Vancouver to Yokohama and then calls at the Chinese ports of Shanghai, Ningbo, Hong Kong and Yantian before returning to New York via Tanjung Pelepas.

Voyage time from New York to Seattle is 60 days and from Seattle to New York 52 days (Vancouver to New York is 49 days). This voyage is for those who love the sea, with the longest transit being 32 days from Savannah to Tanjung Pelepas (on the return, Tanjung Pelepas to New York is 23 days).

World Cruises - Cleveland 1909The new routing retraces the route of the first World Cruise, which was offered by Hamburg America Line’s Cleveland before the Panama Canal had even been opened – but takes half the time. Chartered by Frank C Clark of New York, an early cruise organizer, the Cleveland left New York on October 16, 1909, and took 108 days to proceed across the Atlantic to ports in the Mediterranean, Suez Canal, India and the Far East before finishing the world’s first Round-the-World Cruise in San Francisco on January 31, 1910. Passengers then returned to their homes from the West Coast by train while the Cleveland retraced her steps on a second world cruise. Equally, passengers taking the new Columbus Loop cruise can travel around the world in either direction and complete their circumnavigation in less than two months by making the rail journey across North America.

The CMA CGM Figaro and CMA CGM La Scala carry seven passengers each in three double cabins and one single, with fares set at €80 per person per day or €90 per day for sole occupancy of a double cabin. The CMA CGM Tosca carries up to eight passengers in three double cabins and two singles. Fares include full board, port charges, deviation insurance and complimentary French table wine with lunch and dinner. Part voyages are also possible but the full 112-day round voyage starts at €11,200. New York to Seattle is €6,000 for 60 days and Seattle to New York is €5,200 for 52 days.

For further details please call Miri Lopusna at The Cruise People Ltd in London on 020 7723 2450 or e-mail

A Solution For Rickmers Round-the-World Freighter Cruise Passengers Affected by Their Decision Not to Carry Passengers through Suez

When the Rickmers Pearl String round-the-world service announced last month that it would no longer carry passengers in the sector between Genoa and Singapore, an 18-21 day stretch out of a 124-day circumnavigation, specialist agent The Cruise People Ltd of London had to rebook seven passengers whose immediate round-the-world bookings were threatened. The reason Rickmers gave for this ban was passengers going out on deck against officers’ orders in waters frequented by pirates. But The Cruise People have found a solution that will still allow people to sail all the way around the world.

To come to the aid of those being put ashore in Genoa, The Cruise People have been able to substitute a fast container ship voyage from either La Spezia or Trieste in Italy to Singapore, so that passengers can rejoin the Rickmers service at the latter port. This particular solution works even better for European-boarding passengers as they are able to board one ship at a nearby port, say Southampton or Hamburg, and change to a Rickmers ship in Singapore for the return to Europe via the Far East, and US Gulf and East Coast. This will mean taking only two ships, where North Americans will for the most part be forced to take three.

Immediately, The Cruise People were able to rebook one couple from Philadelphia to Genoa on an earlier ship in order to allow them enough time to connect to their next sailing, the Hanjin Basil from La Spezia to Singapore, and then rejoin the Rickmers service at Singapore for their voyage back to North America. The cost came to slightly less than the original one-ship through booking, although they had to allow for stays ashore between ships. Another couple booked through The Cruise People have decided to disembark in Europe, fly to Bali and cruise around Indonesia with Songline Yachts while they wait for their Rickmers ship to catch up to them at Singapore.

For more on round-the-world freighter travel call The Cruise People Ltd in London on 020 7723 2450 or e-mail Just some of our many routes can be found here. And for those wishing to take just one ship round the world there is still the 76-day CMA CGM service.

CMA CGM’s Far East Round-the-World Cargo-Passenger Service Now Starts At Houston and Sails Via Panama – New Round-the-World Service Available From Ensenada and Caucedo

CMA CGM Swordfish and sisters carry up to six passengers and sail via Panama both ways. © Joe Becker

Update, June 20, 2016: For those wanting a full eastabout round-the-world voyage service this is now available from Ensenada and Caucedo.  Please click here for further details 

Update, March 3, 2012: The route of the Pacific Express 3 service is changing this summer, with ships starting to sail both to and from China via Panama, thus bringing and end to the former eastabout Round the World service.

Passengers are still accommodated but the route has changed to commence in Houston, with ships heading for the Panama Canal by way of Mobile, Miami and Jacksonville before proceeding to China . After a stop at Panama City, the ships now sail directly to Vostochny Port in Russia, terminus of the Trans-Siberian Railway, and from there proceed to Xiamen, Hong Kong, Chiwan and Shanghai, then returning to Houston by way of Pusan, Panama City and Punta Manzanillo.

The service still operates as a 76-day round trip and the longest transit is 33 days from Jacksonville to Vostochny Port with a stop in Panama City.

For further details please call Miri Lopusna at The Cruise People Ltd in London on 020 7723 2450 or e-mail

The ships engaged on this run, the CMA CGM Blue Whale, Florida, Swordfish and Tarpon, are 5,100 TEU (twenty-foot equivalent) container ships, completed in  2007-08 and registered in London.  Each ship offers three double cabins,  complete with private lounge, refrigerator, desk and chair, and en  suite facilities. Passengers are able to avail themselves of a swimming  pool, deck chairs, shipboard library, table tennis and television and  DVD player, as well as a daily newspaper.Non-citizens  of the US and Canada, however, do require a full US visa for US port  calls on these ships, as they are not party to the various visa waiver  schemes.”

Fares for the full 76 days start at €7,600 (about £6.900 or $11,180) per person double, €9,120 (about £8,290 or $13,415) for  single passengers, including full board, dues and taxes. Complimentary  French table wine is included with lunch and dinner. Part passages are  also available, with fares based on the number of days spent on board at  €100 per person per day double and Euros 120 per day for singles  (higher fares apply to voyages of 10 days or less).

For further information and availability on CMA CGM cargo-passenger services please contact The Cruise People’s  Miri Lopusna at 020 7723 2450, Freephone 0800 526 313 or or visit their web site at