CMA CGM Europe-Australia Service Returns In January 2022

APL Phoenix © Jan Svendsen
The APL Phoenix and sister ships carry four passngers each in two Owners cabins

For those who like to book well in advance we are pleased to announce the post-Covid return of CMA CGM to the Europe-Australia route along with four 4-passenger ships (with two Owners Cabins each). The APL Detroit, APL Miami, APL Phoenix, and APL Savannah each offer two Owner’s cabins.

Nemo map
Four APL ships have entered the Europe-Australia trade from London Gateway via Suez to Australian ports, on the North Europe Mediterranean Oceania Express (Nemo) Line.

APL Officers Mess.jpg

The officers and passengers mess on board the APL Detroit and APL Phoenix

London to Sydney on the Nemo is 45 days. Sydney to London is 52 days. Ports served are London – Rotterdam – Hamburg – Antwerp – Le Havre – Fos sur Mer – La Spezia – Genoa – Gioia Tauro – Mauritius – Reunion – Sydney – Melbourne – Adelaide – Fremantle – Singapore – Colombo – Gioia Tauro – Valencia – London. Fares for voyages of 20 days and more are €150 per person per day in double occupancy or €170 per day or sole use of a cabin.

The APL Phoenix and three sister ships offer two Owners Cabins each with a common lounge. A fifth vessel, the NSB-owned 10-passenger Conti Everest features one Owner’s cabin, three doubles and two singles, plus a swimming pool.

For further details on how to book passage to or from Australia please call Miri Lopusna at The Cruise People Ltd in London on +44 (0)20 7723 2450, UK Freephone 0800 526 313 or email

Anna M.Iwata


In recognition of the increasing attention now being paid to wellness and mind health, especially in view of the present global pandemic, The Cruise People Ltd have come to an agreement with life, happiness and wellness coach Anna M. Iwata for her to act as our in-house source for well-being advice. Anna is a graduate of the University of London, runs her own private life coaching practice and is an avid traveller herself. For anyone booking an Australia voyage, she will offer a free introductory 60-minute coaching session. Here at The Cruise People we are not just passionate about offering you the most luxurious and interesting travel experiences, but also making your life a little bit happier during these difficult and challenging times. Contact Anna at: +44 (0)7531 551323  e-mail or visit her website at

Valentine’s Day In Times Of Coronavirus And Lockdowns – Here’s To Life And Love!

One word frees us of all the weight and pain of life: that word is Love” – Sophocles.

Image result for romantic couple pn cruise

As Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, we are once again reminded of our very frustrating and harsh current reality. Unfortunately, this year there will be no romantic outings, no dining out, no shows and no voyages taking place, as the world still battles the cruel and unpredictable global pandemic. However, despite the doom and gloom around us and the somber and reflective mood we find ourselves in, let’s try and make this year’s at home Valentine’s Day celebrations-particularly special, memorable and uplifting. So, ladies and gentlemen, wherever you are in the world and no matter what your present relationship status is, I invite you to join me on Sunday 14th February to lift a glass of your favourite tipple to the two most important and precious gifts any of us can ask for- to Life and to Love. As we do so, let’s also pause for a moment to remember our loved ones as well as all those around the world who sadly lost their lives to this brutal pandemic and are no longer with us. So let’s all make this Sunday’s celebration not just about romantic love, but also about life and love for humanity in general, because there is no better or more important time for love, kindness and generosity than now. We are a global village and we’re in this together. So, from my heart to yours, wishing you a happy, healthy and magical Valentine’s Day.

Image result for celebrity apex
Why not take your special valentine on a luxury cruise in 2022? For example, the brand-new Celebrity Apex departs Fort Lauderdale on 12th February on a 7-night voyage to San Juan, Puerto Rico; St Thomas, US Virgin Islands and and St Kitts, from £1,389 incl drinks, WiFi and tips. Longer cruises also available. Apply to The Cruise People for more details

The Cruise People Team and I are very much looking forward to welcoming you on board one of our ultra-modern ships for Valentine’s Day 2022. In the meantime, please stay well, safe and happy. Here’s to Life, to Love and to fabulous new adventures to come!  

Anna M. Iwata, Founder and Life Coach at Zen Men Coaching, Consultancy & Club, February 11, 2021

IF YOU WISH TO HAVE A CHAT WITH ANNA AND BOOK A SESSION, SHE CAN BE CONTACTED by email at: or by phone: +44 (0)7531 551 323. Anna offers a free 30-minute session to all fellow travellers and thereafter a special offer of sessions at £50 per hour (reduced from £65) for Cruise People customers and friends. Her website is :

Cruising Life : This Is Not Normal – What To Do? Some Useful Advice From A Professional Life Coach

With its flight cancellations, travel bans, border closures, quarantines, self-isolating measures, virus tests, no sail orders and cancelled and curtailed voyages, booking a cruise or sea voyage today can be an absolute obstacle course of uncertainty. Canada has just banned all cruise ships from its waters until February 28, 2022, and this means ships can’t sail to Alaska either. So here is some advice for you: for 2021:

Try to book a cruise or sea travel for 2021 and experience some or all of the above! 

London Heathrow Airport in June 2020 during Covid-19

Book a cruise or sea travel for 2022, avoid all of today’s turmoil, put your feet up, relax and look forward to next year. There is a lot to be said for this approach. As one of our clients told us recently, she prefers to book far in advance in order to be able to look forward to enjoyable things to come.

In search of the Northern Lights, 12 nights from £3,690. The 930-berth Viking Venus leaves London January 12, 2022, for Bergen via Stavanger, Bodo, Tromso Alta and Narvik. Apply to The Cruise People for more details.


Anna M.Iwata

Consult our recommended life and happiness coach ANNA M. IWATA, who specialises in holistic stress management and in helping people to live happier, healthier and more fulfilled lives.

Anna is a fellow avid traveller, who has lived in five countries, visited over sixty and is multilingual. Her passion for travel and adventure started at the tender age of 4 and she is very familiar with international travel, cultures and customs. As a Japan and Asia expert, she runs a private life coaching and consultancy practice – Zen Men Coaching, Consultancy and Club, where she assists both individual and corporate clients with their mental and emotional well-being needs.

Just like all of us, Anna can’t wait for the pandemic to be over and to resume her travels in late 2021 and 2022. Here, she shares with us her five simple and practical tips to stress-proof and to soothe your Body, Mind and Spirit during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and beyond.

NUMBER 1 – PRACTISE GRATITUDE. Start and finish each day by expressing your gratitude for everything you have in your life right now. Taking the time to acknowledge what is good in your life can make a significant difference to your mindset and mood. This little daily ritual is very important and beneficial for lifting your spirit and for activating the feel good hormones in your body. Be grateful for your health, your family, friends, the roof over your head, food in the fridge, clean drinking water, your job, your garden, nature, our wonderful doctors and nurses, your pet – anyone and anything that is close to your heart and that you value and appreciate. Sadly, in our Western society we take so much for granted and due to our normally busy and hectic lives, we simply forget how lucky we are to enjoy what we have. How you practise gratitude is totally up to you. You may want to include a few sentences in your prayers and thank God (if you are religious), the Universe or just write things down in a gratitude journal or on your phone. Enjoy this quiet, private moment each day, because as Buddha said, ” Happiness will never come to those who fail to appreciate what they already have.”

NO-FLY CRUISES THIS SUMMER. For those who want to travel sooner than 2022 we have a limited number of cabins available in July and August 2021 on the 272-berth tall ship Golden Horizon. Operated by Tradewind Cruises, the Golden Horizon will offer round voyages from Harwich on July 24 (11 nights from £2,199) to Stavanger, Leirvik, Sognefjord, Skjolden, Bergen & Haugesund; August 4 (10 nights from £2,299) to Cowes, Dartmouth, Falmouth, St Mary’s, St Peterport & St Helier; August 14 (7 nights from £1,399) to Stavanger, Hardangerfjord, Odda, & Rosendal; and August 21 (7 nights from £1,449) to Skagen, Aalborg, Copenhagen & Fredrikshaven. All cabins are outside. Two longer 21-night voyages are also available on June 12 and July 3, 2021. Apply to The Cruise People for more details.

NUMBER – 2 – DO DAILY ACTIVITIES AND LEARN NEW SKILLS THAT WILL LIFT YOUR SPIRIT. With more free time on our hands than ever before, this is a great chance to either revisit an old project, hobby or pastime and/or learn something brand new. Challenge yourself, leave your comfort zone for a while and just get curious and creative. How about taking an online language course that will prove helpful on your next holiday or writing a book on a topic that you like or even a personal memoir? How about taking the time to research your family tree or your next holiday destination and find interesting and unusual places that are not on a typical tourist trail ? Our brain loves and needs a challenge and the more complex something is the better -not just for now, but also as a preventative measure against dementia.

NUMBER – 3 – DIY ECOTHERAPHY. It goes without saying that nature is our best friend and we should make it our personal mission to do whatever is in our power to treasure and protect our planet. The current pandemic made many people finally realise how much we rely on nature – not just for our physical health, but also for our mental well-being. Therefore, any outdoor activity, even for just 30 minutes a day (walking, running, gardening, looking after wildlife, growing and picking your own fruits, veg and herbs, volunteering for an outdoor project etc)is a fantastic mood-booster. It lowers your stress level, and keeps you healthy, fit and motivated.

NUMBER 4 – PRIORITISE SELF-CARE. It’s no secret that self-care is still a rather misunderstood concept and viewed by many as selfish, unnecessary and time and money consuming. However, it’s absolutely vital, especially when experiencing high stress, overwhelm, change and loss. Giving yourself permission to stop, rest, relax and just concentrate on your own needs for a while in order to top up your energy bank, should not be seen as a luxury, but a daily necessity. If you don’t take care and nourish your body and mind on a regular basis, you’ll not only be unable to live a long, happy and productive life, but you’ll also be unable to take proper care of your family and be of service to others. From the fresh, healthy and nutritious foods and drinks you consume, which have a huge impact not just on our physical body but also on your mental health and well-being to the precious “me time” that you spend reading your favourite book, having a massage, meditating, exercising, getting good quality, adequate sleep, taking time out to invest in your self-improvement and most importantly – to fostering close and warm relationships with people around you. This mindful downtime is the best insurance policy for your body, mind and spirit, so aim to find the time during the day to do something nice and uplifting for yourself – without ever feeling guilty about it, so repeat after me: I give myself permision to switch off and read my favourite book, (and if you live in a busy household, let your loved ones know that for example every afternoon for 30 minutes you are not to be disturbed as you are doing a special activity just for yourself and let them understand and respect your wish). If you live on your own and feel lonely, try to reach out to people who have similar interests and don’t be afraid to share your feelings and ask for help. Love travelling ? Why not chat to a fellow traveller and enjoy the company of a like-minded person?

NUMBER 5 – HAVE A POSITIVE MINDSET AND WORK ON YOUR RESILIENCE SKILLS. As we all know, the history of humanity is full of brutal and long wars, famine, natural disasters, epidemics, pandemics and economic crushes – and yet each time, with our in-built survival and resilience skills we have managed to restart, rebuild and move on with our lives. Each generation had its own sets of challenges and difficulties, but one thing remains universal – those with a positive, resilient and adaptable mindset have always been better equipped to survive and bounce back from whatever hardship came their way. Try and develop a “This Too Shall Pass” mindset and let go of things that you are unable to control, and always remember that after every dark and stormy night, the sun will eventually come out and greet us. We are always stronger than we think we are, so keep calm, stay positive, be patient and flexible and do your bit for the post-Covid recovery effort.

Get your vaccine done when called, wear your mask, keep your distance and support businesses so they can carry on offering you their valuable services. From putting a deposit on a holiday/cruise to buying your books or bread from your local high street shop -be part of an epic world recovery initiative that will require both local and global solidarity. We all need each other more than ever before, so please make sure that you are on board. Each and every one of us can do something kind, compassionate and helpful for another human being, no matter how small it is.

And finally, in the words of Winston Churchill,”Never, never, never give up”and as Captain Sir Tom Moore said, believe and trust that “Tomorrow will be a good day” and so, we shall and we will travel and explore our beautiful world again shortly. 

— Anna M. Iwata, Founder, Zen Men Coaching, Consultancy & Club, February 8, 2021

IF YOU WISH TO HAVE A CHAT WITH ANNA AND BOOK A SESSION, SHE CAN BE CONTACTED by email at or by phone: +44 (0)7531 551 323. Anna offers a free 30-minute session to all fellow travellers and thereafter a special offer of sessions at £50 per hour (reduced from £65) for Cruise People customers and friends. Her website is :

New For 2021: Introducing Our Wellness Coach Anna M. Iwata

Anna M.Iwata

In recognition of the increasing attention now being paid to wellness and mind health, especially in view of the present global pandemic, The Cruise People Ltd have come to an arrangement with life, happiness and wellness coach Anna M. Iwata for her to act as our in-house source for well-being advice. Anna is a graduate of the University of London, runs her own private life coaching practice and is an avid traveller herself. .She will contribute regular wellness posts to our blog, as well as making her coaching services available to all Cruise People clients and friends at a reduction of 25% off her usual hourly rate. Here at The Cruise People we are not just passionate about offering you the most luxurious and interesting travel experiences, but also making your life a little bit happier during these difficult and challenging times.

The Cruise People Ltd 020 7723 2450, Freephone 0800 526313, Toll Free rom North America 1 800 516 6950,

Anna M. Iwata Direct +44 (0)7531 551323,,

English Holiday Cruises’ Edward Elgar Offers A Comfortable Alternative Cruise In These Covid Days

The 22-passenger Edward Elgar carries cruise passengers through the English countryside

Since March, Cruise People clients have not been able to book the usual type of voyage they are interested in, a cargo ship that carries a few passengers or in their favourite specialty cruise ships.

So we went looking for something else that leaves this summer. The result of this was a visit to a rather interesting Visit England four-star hotel boat that offers 2- to 6-night voyages from the Port of Gloucester. The 2000-built Edward Elgar is an 88-foot vessel that was built and designed to be able to navigate the locks and bridges of the River Severn from Gloucester to Stourport, whilst also sailing the Canal that connects Gloucester to Sharpness on the Bristol Channel.

Recently refitted and modified to accommodate social distancing, the Edward Elgar’s itineraries allow English passengers to avoid flights and the quarantines that are necessitated by travelling to some EU countries at the moment.

Fares are all-inclusive of meals, drinks, shore excursions. Accommodation is provided in cosy en suite cabins, with trsditional English meals and an optional pre-cruise hotel night ashore in Gloucester, on offer between now and the end of October 2020.

All voyages leave from and return to Alexandra Quay in the Gloucester Docks (below).

Sail from historic Gloucester Docks

• Seven Wonders of the Severn (6 nights @ £1,595 pp) – 7 & 21 September
• Heart of England Cruise (5 nights @ £1,315 pp) – 14 & 28 September
• Cruise to the Views (5 nights @1,275 pp) – 31 August
• Historic Canal Cruise (3 nights @ £495 pp) – 14 & 28 Sept, 5 October
• Unique Weekend Cruise (2 nights @ £315 pp) – 23 & 29 October

For brochures, reservations or further details please call The Cruise People Ltd on 020 7723 2450 or e-mail

Enlist For Adventure: Take A Working Ship Voyage In 2021

Canada & USA

Liverpool to Halifax & New York

Atlantic Container Line offers weekly year-round passenger service between Europe and North America: Liverpool – Halifax – New York – Baltimore – New York – Halifax – Hamburg – Antwerp – Liverpool. Liverpool to Halifax is 9 days), Halifax to Liverpool 7 days. The Atlantic Sail, Atlantic Sea, Atlantic Sky, Atlantic Star and Atlantic Sun accommodate 12 passengers each in ten twin cabins and one Owner’s Cabin with separate lounge and bedroom. Fares: Europe to Canada or Canada to Europe: £950 per person, £1,395 single occupancy; Europe to USA or USA to Europe: £1,225 per person, £1,595 single occupancy.


London To Australia Via Suez And Mauritius


Dover to The Norwegian Fjords, North Cape, & British Isles

The Cruise People Ltd,

88 York Street, London W1H 1QT
Telephone: 020 7723 2450
Freephone 0800 526 313

Toll Free From North America 1-800-516-6950

ACL Delays Re-Opening North Atlantic Passenger Service Until Late 2020; Remaining Capacity Is Limited So Act Now To Sail This Year!

Atlantic Star © elbwasser

The 12-berth Atlantic Star and  sister ships are now wait-listing passengers for 2021 crossings

On Friday 22nd May ACL parent Grimaldi Lines announced at its Naples passenger office that “it has been decided to suspend passenger service on ACL, G4  vessels until the end of 2020.”

After several weeks of valiantly trying to maintain its weekly passenger service between Hamburg, Antwerp and Liverpool and Halifax, New York and Baltimore, the complications caused by Covid-19 have finally made it impossible to continue. Many affected passengers have rebooked for 2021 while those that are still booked to travel this year are being contacted now about alternative sailings.

The five ACL ships carry 12 passengers each and offer a capacity each year of 600 passengers in each direction. Earlier this year, the line often had its ships fully booked four months in advance.

Because CMA CGM has closed passenger bookings on its own North Atlantic ships, this leaves only the four ships that serve the independent Container Line route and two chartered NSB ships operating on CMA CGM’s Victory Bridge Service  to carry passengers between north Europe and the US East Coast and Gulf of Mexico.

Independent Pursuit

The Independent Pursuit and fleetmates carry a few passengers on each of their 28-day round voyages.

The Hamburg-owned Independent Horizon, Independent Pursuit, Independent Spirit and Independent Vision operate an alternate weekly service. between Antwerp, Southampron, Chester PA and Wilmington NC. Each ship has a different layout and fares vary from €99 to €119 per person per day plus €335 each in dues and taxes. Non-US and Canadian citizens require a full US B1/B2 visa to enter the US on this route.


The Buxcliff carries five passengers in two double cabins and one single.

Meanwhile, NSB’s Brussels and Buxcliff operate a 49-day round voyage from Le Havre, Antwerp, Rotterdam and Bremerhaven to Charleston and Miami, and the Mexican ports of Veracruz and Altamira, returning to Europe via Houston and New Orleans. Each ship has three double cabins and fares vary from €98 to €117 per person per day plus €318 each in dues and taxes. As NSB is a signatory to the US Visa Waiver Scheme, it is possible to enter the USA with an ESTA on this route.

For further details or to book please call +44 (207) 723-2450 or in the US dial 1-800-516-6950, or email Miri Lopusna at

NSB’s Conti Annapurna Allows Easy ESTA Entry To The USA From Far East Ports In China, Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong

Conti Annapurna © Vesseltracker

The Conti Annapurna was built in 2004 and can accommodate 10 passengers

The entry of the 101,662-ton deadweight container shp Conti Annapurna to Ocean Network Express’s EC-1 TranspacifIc East Coast service alllows holders of ESTA’s (as opposed to full B1/B2 visas) to enter the US at Savannah, Jacksonville, Charleston or Norfok on her round voyages to and from Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, China and Hong Kong and Hong Kong.

ONE EC-1 ServiceThe full rotation is Savannah (day 0), Jacksonville (day 2), Charleston (day 3), Norfolk (day 5), Punta Manzanillio (day 12), Balboa (day13), Tokyo (day 35), Kobe (day 36), Pusan (day39), Kaohsiung (day 42), Xiamen (day 43), Hong Kong (day 44), Yantian (day 45), Shanghai (day 48), Pusan (day 50), Tokyo (day 53) Punta Manzanillo (day 72), Savannah (day 77).

The sailing dates from Asia on the present voyage are: Hong Kong May 21, Shanghai May 25, Tokyo May 30. And from North America: Savannah June 23, Jacksonville June 25, Charleston June 27, Norfolk June 30. Thence every 77 days thereafter.

While port to port bookings are available, the fare for the full 77-day round voyages varies between €7,580 and €9,120 per person depending on the cabin booked.

For further details or to book please call +44 (207) 723-2450 or in the US dial 1-800-516-6950, or email Miri Lopusna at

Freighter Voyages Still On Offer Despite Present Virus Outbreak


The 10-passenger CMA CGM Rhone serves the UK-Australia run via Suez


Yes, we are still in business, booking cargo ship voyages as well as ultra-luxury cruises and small ship and expedition cruises. In order to keep business going, the UK Government is helping out not only giant firms, but also small and medium size companies such as ours.

Atlantic Sail in NY

The 12-passenger Atlantic Sail connects the US & Canada with the EU and the UK

On the customers’ side, requests this week for voyages to Australia and New Zealand will mean travellers having to self-isolate for 14 days after arrival at destination. London to Sydney takes 45 days and costs €5,977.

APL Phoenix © Jan Svendsen

The APL Phoenix offers two Owners Cabins on the UK-Australia run via Suez

The Cruise People has about 300 passenger-carrying cargo ships on its books. But since the full implications of the present worldwide virus outbreak became clear earlier this month, passenger service has been suspended on most of these ships for March, April and May, with June departures being uncertain.
The ships continue to sail however, and we are accepting bookings for sailing dates well into 2021. Present bookings are subject to confirmation closer to sailing date, but once the travel bans and closed frontiers have been dismantled we will be back in business full time.
APL Officers Mess
Here are some links for you (we will update the website over the duration of this crisis).
For further details of booking a voyage by cargo ship please call The Cruise People on +44 (0)20 7723 2450 and ask for Miri Lopusna or e-mail



Polsteam Now Has Seventeen Passenger-Carrying Lakers Trading Between Europe And The Great Lakes


Polsteam’s 2011-built Lubie passing Detroit on her way inbound to Burns Harbor, Indiana

Passages aboard the modern bulk carriers of Polsteam (PZM) of Szczecin, Poland, are available from April through November on the scenic route between Amsterdam (Port of IJmuiden) and the Great Lakes. The round trip lasts 45-70 days and ships call at Cleveland, Ohio, and Burns Harbor, Indiana, and sometimes Milwaukee, Wisconsin, before proceeding to Lake Superior to load a cargo of grain for Europe. Grain loading ports are usually Thunder Bay, Ontario, or Duluth, Minnesota, but sometimes ships load at Chicago or Toledo, Ohio.

The the 35,000-ton bulk carriers Irma, Iryda, Isa, Isadora and Isolda were built in 1999-2000 and carry six 6 passengers each in an Owners, a double and two single cabins while the 30,000-ton Drawsko, Juno, Lubie, Mamry, Miedwie, Resko, Solina and Wicko and the somewhat smaller 17,080-ton San, were built in 2010-12 and carry three passengers each in a double and a single cabin, with an additional two upper berths in the double. The newest ships are the very similar Gardno, Jamno and Narie.

The ships’ Polish officers and crew are experienced in navigating the Great Lakes and St Lawrence Seaway and passengers can choose among three basic services:

1. Round Trip Tramp Voyage boarding in either Europe or North America.
2. Europe to Great Lakes Trans-Atlantic Voyage from IJmuiden (contract service)
3. Great Lakes to Europe Trans-Atlantic Voyage (tramp, usually grain).

There are now also sailings from Alexandria, Egypt, and Casablanca, Morocco, to the Canadian ports of Hamilton and Oshawa on Lake Ontario.


The 2018-built Gardno in the Welland Canal

Three more ships, the 36,000-ton Gardno, Jamno and Narie, were added to the fleet in 2018 to bring it to seventeen St Lawrence Seaway-size ships.

Further information and fares are given here. For passenger bookings please call Miri Lopusna at The Cruise People Ltd in London on +44 (0) 20 7723 2450 or e-mail

Changes For The Ten Ships On CMA CGM’s “Down Under” Cargo-Passenger Trades Between Australia And Asia

In addition to the 1998 acquisition of ANL (once the Australian National Line) by CMA CGM, the parent company recently reinstated passenger service on its London to Sydney cargo route vua Suez.  And other changes have come about more recently. For example, the ten passenger-carrying ships engqged on CMA CGM’s Australia-Asia trades have in recent months undergone a number of service and schedule changes, which we will outline here.
CMA CGM Loire © Steven Collingwood.jpg
The original AAX service previously offered weekly passenger service between Singapore and Port Kelang and the Australian ports of Fremantle, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide, on a 35-night round trip. Recently, this has been switched to a 46-night voyage that also includes Bangkok (Laem Chebang), with one ship accepting passengers every 46 days. The Australian port rotation is now Fremantle, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane and the new AAX service is offered by the 10-passenger CMA CGM Loire (above).
Meanwhile, a new 42-day round trip called AAX2 has also been started, with half its ships, the 10-passenger CMA CGM Bellini, Puccini and Rossini, accommodating passengers.
San Francisco II
A third 42-night service, called A3N, has been opened to connect Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane with Yokohama, Osaka, Pusan (disembarkation only), the Chinese ports of Qingdao and Shanghai, and Kaohsiung in Taiwan. Three ships, the 10-berth CMA CGM Chopin and CMA CGM Mozart and the 4-berth APL Scotland, have been joined by NSB’s 6-berth San Francisco II (above) in this trade.
A fourth 48-day service, called Anzex, runs from Brisbane via the New Zealand ports of Auckland, Port Chalmers, Lyttelton, Napier and Tauranga to Hong Kong, Keelung, three ports in China and Kaohsiung. Two ships, the 5-berth CMA CGM Amber and CMA CGM Coral carry on this trade. Another ship, the 6-berth Ontario II, operates betwen the same five ports in New Zealand and Port Kelang and Singapore for Southeast Asia.
For further details of how to get around Down Under by sea call please call Miri Lopusna at The Cruise People Ltd in London at +44 (0)20 7723 2450 or email

Direct Europe-Australia Cargo-Passenger Service Is Back With Four Ships From CMA CGM : UK / Europe / Med / Mauritius / Australia

Maximum age lmit is 76 on this route

The Cruise People Ltd

CMA CGM Rhone © The 10-passenger CMA CGM Rhone is one of four ships that now carry travellers to and from Australia in the Nemo Line service

We are pleased to announce the return of CMA CGM to the Europe-Australia route along with the 10-passenger APL Danube and CMA CGM Rhone and two 4-passenger ships (with two Owners Cabins each), the APL Detroit and APL Phoenix. The APL Danube and CMA CGM Rhone offer five Double cabins and a swimming pool, and carry a maximum of 10 passengers. All four ships have now entered Europe-Australia route from London Gateway via Suez to Australian ports, in what is called the North Europe Mediterranean Oceania Express (Nemo) Line.

Nemo map

The full round voyage is 97 days and initial sailing dates are as follows:

From Sydney:  APL Danube November 19; CMA CGM Rhone December 1; APL Phoenix December 15; APL Detroit December 29. 2019.

From London:

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