Travel From North America To Japan By Sea – New Cargo-Passenger Route From CMA CGM Features 355 sq ft VIP Suites On One Ship

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The CMA CGM Fidelio is equipped with two large VIP passenger suites of 355 sq ft each

With the annoucement by CMA CGM of its new Columbus PNW service, North America is regaining a regular sea travel connection to Japan. Effective this spring, three French-flag ships will be sailing from Seattle and Vancouver to Yokohama on a regular basis. As other carriers have been turning down Japan-bound travellers this will be a first of a kind for Japan for several years.

The first passenger sailing will by the the CMA CGM Rigoletto from Seattle on April 30 and Vancouver on May 2, arriving at Yokohama on May 16. The fare for the 14-day voyage from Vancouver to Yokohama is €1,540 per person double and €1,680 to €1,820 for sole use of a double cabin. Sister ship CMA CGM Medea will charge the same fares. Each is fitted with three twin cabins, one double and one single, measuring between 200 and 250 sq ft each.

The third ship, however, the CMA CGM Fidelio, is fitted with two very large VIP suites, measuring 355 sq ft each. The Fidelio sails from Seattle on May 20 and Vancouver on May 22, arriving Yokohama on June 7. The VIP suite fare from Vancouver to Yokohama is €1,820 per person double and €2,100 for sole use of a suite and she will return every 42 days thereafter.

Columbus PNW

In the reverse direction it is also possible to book from Yokohama back to Seattle but the voyage takes 31 days as the ship calls at four ports in China and Pusan in South Korea on its way back to North America,

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Los Angeles And Oakland Gain CMA CGM Columbus Loop Cargo-Passenger Route While Seattle And Vancouver Get A Branch Line

A CMA CGM container ship approaches the Golden Gate Bridge at dawn, en route to Oakland           


Columbus Loop

The previous Columbus Loop service. Seattle and Vancouver will now be replaced by Los Angeles and Oakland

Until recently, the well-known Columbus Loop service ran from the North American East Coast to Asia via the Cape of Good Hope and on to Seattle and Vancouver, with return to New York via Asia and Suez. But all is about to change as the main Columbus Loop service, now called Columbus Jax, relocates its West Coast port turnarounds to Los Angeles and Oakland, California.


The new route between Halifax and New York and Los Angeles (using the newly-acquired APL terminal) and Oakland

Through the Columbus Loop it was possible to build a round-the-world  trip between Halifax, New York and other US East Coast ports and the West Coast ports of Seattle and Vancouver via Asia and return to the other coast by train. This will still be possible but Seattle and Vancouver will now be replaced by Los Angeles, where CMA CGM has recently acquired the dedicated APL container terminal at Terminal Island, and Oakland.

Columbus PNW

Seattle and Vancouver will now have a Transpacific branch line with 15-day sailings from Vancouver to Yokohama

In lieu of through service to East Coast ports via Suez, Seattle and Vancouver will now get a separate 42-day service called Columbus PNW, that will connect with Yokohama, Yantian, Xiamen, Ningbo, Shanghai and Pusan before returning to Seattle. Three French-flag ships will serve this route, with the 9-passenger CMA CGM Medea and CMA CGM Rigoletto and the 4-passenger CMA CGM Fidelio carrying passengers with sailings on average every 14 days. One result of this new route is a 15-day service between Vancouver and Yokohama on the route of the old Canadian Pacific White Empresses. The Fidelio is quite suitable for this route as, unusually for a cargo ship, she features two VIP suites at 355 sq ft each.


The CMA CGM Medea on the Columbus PNW service features three twin cabins, one double cabin and one single cabin

The Columbus Jax route will feature ten passenger-carrying vesels, an increase from eight on Columbus Loop. These ships, which will sail about every 12 days, include the 10-passenger CMA CGM Nabucco* and CMA CGM Otello*, 8-berth CMA CGM Elbe, CMA CGM Rhone and CMA CGM Thames and 7-berth CMA CGM Cendrillon, CMA CGM Dalila*, CMA CGM Figaro*CMA CGM La Scala and CMA CGM Titus. *French-flag ships.

Hong Kong and Singapore feature prominently on this route, with Oakland to Hong Kong taking 16 days, Hong Kong to Halifax 30 days, Singapore to Halifax 25 days and Singapore to New York 28 days via Suez, as examples.

Among them these 13 ships have berths for 101 passengers. Fares vary between €100 and €110 per person per day double (€130 for VIP suites on the Fidelio) and €110 to €130 per day for singles (€150 for VIP suites on the Fidelio). Full US visa (not just an ESTA) is required for non-US and Canadian citizens calling at US ports.

Passengers dine with the officers and wine is provided with lunch and dinner. Each ship is equipped with a swimming pool (CMA CGM Elbe, Rhone and Thames have a sauna instead) and a gym.

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CMA CGM’s Amerigo Express Now Offers Four Container Ships And Liberty Bridge One For 29 Passenger Berths On The North Atlantic

CMA CGM Georgia © Kenneth R Myers

Four passenger-carrying container ships now operate in CMA CGM’s Amerigo Express service

With two ships being transferred in from its Liberty Bridge service and two more from Pacific Express 3, CMA CGM’s Amerigo Express service is now up to four passenger-carrying ships running between Mediterranean ports and US ports between New York and Miami.

With a 42-day round voyage, four ships means a departure on average every ten days. Two ships don’t carry passengers, meaning passenger service four weeks out of six, or good year-round coverage, with more than 30 sailings a year in each direction.

Ports served in the US include New York, Norfolk, Savannah and Miami, while Mediterranean calls are made at Algeciras, Malta, Salerno, Livorno, Genoa, For-sur-Mer, Barcelona and Valencia before returning to New York.

The CMA CGM Amber and CMA CGM Coral, transferred in from the Liberty Bridge service, each carry five passengers in one Owners Double cabin and three Singles, while the CMA CGM Florida and CMA CGM Georgia (above), which came from Pacific Express 3, carry six passengers in two Double cabins and one Twin cabin.

Typical Amerigo Express fares are Genoa to New York (15 days, €1,915), Barcelona to New York (12 days, €1,795), New York to Genoa (27 days, €3,355), New York to Algeciras (18 days, €2,275), Miami to Genoa (20 days, €2,515) and Miami to Algeciras (11 days, €1,655).  Fares include booking fee and helicopter evacuation insurance. Please apply for other ports.

Meanwhile, the CMA CGM La Traviata has replaced the CMA CGM Amber and CMA CGM Opal on the Liberty Bridge service, with seven passenger berths offered in two Twin cabins and three Singles. The route is Le Havre to New York, Norfolk, Savannah and Charleston, with return to Southampton, Antwerp, Rotterdam, Bremerhaven and Le Havre, with a sailing every 35 days.

Typical Liberty Bridge fares are New York to Southampton (20 days, €2,515) Southampton to New York (15 days, €1,915), Le Havre to New York (9 days, €1,375) and Le Havre to Savannah (14 days, €1,795). Fares include booking fee and helicopter evacuation insurance. Please apply for other ports

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New Fortnightly Round-Trip Cargo-Passenger Cruise From Liverpool to Portugal, Two Single Suites, £1,210 Each For 14 days

The Cruise People Ltd is pleased to announce a new fortnightly cargo-passenger service from Liverpool to Dublin and Bristol, Leixoes, Algeciras and Setubal with a return call at Leixoes on the northbound voyage.

elbstrand-helga-knitterThe 11,367 dwt tonne Elbstrand, built in 2002, features two single suites, one starboard and one port side, on C Deck, each with an open view to the side.

The 14-night round voyage costs £1,210 including full board, dues and taxes, but one-way voyages are not available. This service is run by MacAndrew & Sons Ltd, a historic company now owned by CMA CGM.

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P&O Australia Back To Hand-Me-Downs – Search For New Liverpool Cruise Terminal – New 42-Day Caribbean Cargo-Passenger Service

The Cruise Examiner for 19th December 2016


The Fairstar was the first of the hand-me-downs to join P&O Cruises Australia

Last week it was announced that P&O Cruises Australia’s first newbuilding would instead be allocated to Carnival Cruise Line, from whence had sprung the original design for this ship. Instead, P&O Australia will get the Carnival Splendor, which will be eleven years old when she is delivered to Australia. Meanwhile, Liverpool is looking to build a new cruise terminal further down the Mersey from the preent Pier Head facility. And in the cargo-passenger world, CMA CGM is moving its four 12-passenger French West Indies Line ships to a new 42-day round trip Europe-Caribbean cargo-passenger service from the new London Gateway Terminal on the Thames.

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CMA CGM Expands North Atlantic Passenger Capacity On Its Liberty Bridge and Victory Bridge Services – Now With Four Ships

CMA CGM Jamaica © Matthes

CMA CGM will now have four passenger-carrying container ships in its North Atlantic trades

CMA CGM’s changing deployments are going to add significant passenger capacity to the Transatlantic business, where it is often difficult to get space. First, the 8-passenger CMA CGM Sambhar has joined the 7-passenger CMA CGM Jamaica in the Victory Bridge service, while the 5-passenger CMA CGM Amber and CMA CGM Coral have been brought into full-time service on the Liberty Bridge toute. This will thus be the first time in several years that CMA CGM has had four ships in North Atlantic passenger service. As part of this, the CMA CGM Amber and CMA CGM Coral will be offering berths on the Le Havre – Southampton – New York route, which was once famous for ocean liners such as the s.s France.

Liberty Bridge

CMA CGM’s Liberty Bridge service includes Le Havre, Southampton and New York

Effective immediately, CMA CGM is adding two 5-passenger ships, the CMA CGM Amber and CMA CGM Coral to the Liberty Bridge service. This route offers a 35-night round voyage from New York via Norfolk, Charleston and Savannah to Antwerp, Rotterdam, Bremerhaven, Le Havre and Southampton, with a 9-night sailing back to New York. These ships, featuring one double Owners cabin and three Single cabins, have been brought in from the Vespucci service, which serves the Far East. Although this adds an extra 20 sailings and 100 berths per year, space will still be limited so it is wise to apply early. The fare for the full 35-night round voyage on he Liberty Bridge service is €3,850 per person for two in the Owners Cabin or €4,200 for a Single Cabin.

Victory Bridge

CMA CGM’s Victory Bridge route includes Gulf ports

At the same time, CMA CGM is doubling its Victory Bridge passenger capacity with the addition of the 8-berth CMA CGM Sambhar to the 7-berth CMA CGM Jamaica. This route offers a 42-night round voyage from Houston, New Orleans and Miami to Le Havre, Antwerp, Rotterdam and Bremerhaven and returns via Charleston, Savannah and Miami to Veracruz and Altamira and then back to Houston.This service provides another 120 berths annually, which added to the Liberty Bridge means about 36 sailings and 220 berths in each direction across the Atlantic yearly. The fare for the full 42-night round voyage on the Victory Bridge service is €4,620 per person twin in the CMA CGM Sambhar or €5,040 in the CMA CGM Jamaica and between €5,040 and €5,460 for a Single passenger.

Projected schedules on some of the typical one-way routes are as follows:

Eastbound Passenger Service – USA to Europe

New York to Antwerp (20 days) : fares €2,800 per person in Owners or €3,000/3,600 Single
CMA CGM Coral 11.10.16
CMA CGM Amber 25.10.16
CMA CGM Coral 15.11.16
CMA CGM Amber 29.11.16
CMA CGM Coral 20.12.16
CMA CGM Amber 03.01.17
CMA CGM Coral 24.01.17
CMA CGM Amber 07.02.17

Savannah to Antwerp (13 days): fares €1,820 per person in Owners or €1,950/2,340 Single
CMA CGM Coral 18.10.16
CMA CGM Amber 01.11.16
CMA CGM Coral 22.11.16
CMA CGM Amber 27.12.16
CMA CGM Coral 10.01.17
CMA CGM Amber 23.01.17
CMA CGM Coral 31.01.17
CMA CGM Amber 14.02.17

New Orleans to Le Havre (16 days): fares €1,760/1,920 per person or €1,920/2,080 Single
CMA CGM Sambhar 09.10.16
CMA CGM Jamaica 22.10.16
CMA CGM Sambhar 12.11.16
CMA CGM Jamaica 03.12.16
CMA CGM Sambhar 24.12.16

Miami to Le Havre (12 days): fares €1,320/1,440 per person or €1,440/1,560 Single
CMA CGM Sambhar 05.10.16
CMA CGM Jamaica 26.10.16
CMA CGM Sambhar 16.11.16
CMA CGM Jamaica 07.12.16
CMA CGM Sambhar 28.12.16

Westbound Passenger Service – Europe to USA

Le Havre to New York (10 days): fares €1,400 per person in Owners or €1,500/1,800 Single
CMA CGM Coral 30.09.16
CMA CGM Amber 14.10.16
CMA CGM Coral 04.11.16
CMA CGM Amber 18.11.16
CMA CGM Coral 9.12.16
CMA CGM Amber 23.12.16
CMA CGM Coral 13.01.17
CMA CGM Amber 27.01.17

Southampton to New York (9 days): fares €1,400 per person in Owners or €1,500/1,800 Single
CMA CGM Coral 01.10.16
CMA CGM Amber 15.10.16
CMA CGM Coral 05.11.16
CMA CGM Amber 19.11.16
CMA CGM Coral 10.12.16
CMA CGM Amber 24.12.16
CMA CGM Coral 14.01.17
CMA CGM Amber 28.01.17

Le Havre to Miami (17 days): fares €1,870/2,040 per person or €2,040/2,210 Single
CMA CGM Sambhar 16.10.16
CMA CGM Jamaica 06.11.16
CMA CGM Sambhar 27.11.16

Rotterdam to Charleston (13 days): fares €1,430/1,560 per person or €1,560/1,690
CMA CGM Jamaica 28.09.16
CMA CGM Sambhar 19.10.16
CMA CGM Jamaica 09.11.16
CMA CGM Sambhar 30.11.16

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New 42-Day Cargo Ship Voyage Around Europe: CMA CGM’s Baltic Levant Express From Tilbury Includes St Petersburg And Alexandria


CMA CGM Homère and three sister ships now carry up to six passengers each around Europe

Leading French shipping group CMA CGM announced the launch of its new Baltic Levant Express service in May. Unique and innovative, it offers a direct connection between St Petersburg and the Eastern Mediterranean and provides some of the area’s best transit times. Four of its six ships carry passengers on their rounds. Here is the day-by-day itinerary:

St Petersburg (day 1)
Hamburg (day 5)
Rotterdam (day 7)
Antwerp (day 8)
Le Havre (day 9)
Malta (day 16)
Alexandria (day 18)

Alexandria (day 18)
Beirut (day 20)
Mersin (day 21)
Valencia (day 28)
Cartagena (day 29)
Tanger Med (day 30)
Tilbury (day 34)
Antwerp (day 35)
Rotterdam (day 36)
St Petersburg (day 41)

For voyages of less than 8 days duration special fares apply.


The new Baltic Levant Express service now allows for a full round voyage from Tilbury of 42 days

Six 1,750 to 1,850 TEU-capacity vessels now operate on the following rotation: Tilbury, Antwerp, Rotterdam, St Petersburg, Hamburg, Rotterdam, Antwerp, Le Havre, Malta, Alexandria, Beirut, Mersin, Aliaga, Valencia, Cartagena, Tangiers and Tilbury. Note: Passengers are not handled at Beirut and no embarkation is allowed at St Petersburg.

Four of the ships on this run of the “Philosopher” class, CMA CGM Aristote, Herodote, Homère and Platon, were engaged until recently on the Caribbean, Guyana and North Brazil service. Each carries up to six passengers in three double-bedded cabins. The Owners cabin costs €120 per person per day and a Standard Double €110 per person per day, while the single supplement is a very reasonable €10 a day on top of the basic fare.

For further details on booking on this service or any other CMA CGM passenger route please call Miri Lopusna at The Cruise People Ltd in London on +44 (0)20 7723 2450 or e-mail